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On 11/14/2017 at 6:15 PM, BadBoy said:

Back to your original question.  Dude, let's get down to brass tacks - the coffee trip to the local public place isn't really to make the provider feel comfortable, is it?  It is to make you feel more comfortable - come on, fess up, admit it.  You want to put your toe in the water, so to speak, before jumping in.  Hey, we're going to give you the same amount of moral support you got in junior high when you were actually at a real swimming hole, putting your toe in the water: "Wimp, wimp... just jump in...  jump in, wimp." (No offense, junior high kids are so mean :rolleyes:).

Seriously, these ladies are experts at making you comfortable, helping you break the ice and building a little confidence in this crazy world we live in - just give them a chance and let them do it their way, they're the pros, you're the newbie.

This means, no public meetings for a first date, unless you want to do that instead of a first date or she suggests it.  In such case, be prepared to pay the entire  donation for an hour, even if the closest thing you get to a touch is a pretty smile over a couple cups of coffee.  Quite a few of the gals would love that, some won't.  If you are dead-set on that, go for it, but my advice is don't waste your time - go for a real date.  (Says the guy who last week paid $800 for a four -hour date out in public, with only a peck on the cheek at the end - and damned happy to do it.  Do as I say, not as I do).

My humble suggestion is find a newbie friendly provider with lots (8+) of great reviews, such as "she really put me at ease," or "she was so friendly I felt immediately at ease," etc.  Call her up (or text, or PM from here, or whatever she requests in her ad, which is an important first step).  Understand that, as in most areas of life, this research is important - this is your first encounter with a provider, you want it to go well - spending four or five hours perusing ads and reviews would not be time misspent. Be honest, be open, listen, cooperate, set up a nice incall date with your dream gal.  If she needs screening information, provide whatever you are comfortable with.  All the advice to set up a P411 account is good advice, if you do so, you are providing your information to a well-known, discrete, person, located in Canada, who destroys your information after verifying you.  Nuff said, do whatever it takes to get that first date.  Then, once it is set up, treat it just like you got a date with a gal you have been admiring for years - long hot shower, shave nice, really brush your teeth well, wash all the intimate parts, put on clothes that flatter you.  Read the profile to see if you can pick up a clue: does she like red wine -get a bottle of good wine.  Does she say she likes lilies?  Get a bouquet of lilies.  All women like quality chocolate.  You get the idea - it's a freaking date, treat it like one!

Confirm your date the day of, however she wants to do it.  Then, be on time.  Actually, be a few minutes early.  About 10 minutes before date time call for the final location (unless you already have it).  Your heart will be racing like you never have experienced (I measured 170 BPM on my fitbit once), your entire body will be flooded with adrenaline, your hands will be shaking, you might drop your phone, you will be scared as shit.  This is the way it should be - the adrenaline rush is all part of the wonderous experience - so much fun.  Nothing is wrong, you are boldly going where most men fear to tread, embrace the fear, adrenaline is a great high.

Whatever you do, do not walk away just because you are scared as shit.  That is known as being a no-show, one of the lowest forms of pond scum - if you get branded as a NS, your chances of getting another date go way down.

You're doing good, you didn't run away, you remembered to put your donation in your shirt pocket, so knock gently on the door, walk in quietly, smile nicely, hand over the presents, silently put the money down without saying a word about it-not a single word  (very, very important), excuse yourself to go take a leak and wash your hands.  This is important for two reasons: 1) you don't want to stop later to take a leak (important for older guys ;)) and ladies like guys with clean hands, and 2) it gives her time to count the $$$ and put it away - now she is more relaxed since she at least knows you are not a cop (cops talk when they put down the money, which is why you absolutely keep your mouth shut).  When you come out of the bathroom, smile that sweet, winning smile that used to work for you in high school, say something that seems normal to you, such as "hey, gorgeous, how you doin today?" and just let her show you how to relax and have fun.

You're going to fucking love it (pun intended). I'm totally addicted.  B)

Jump in, jump in, jump in, and then come back and tell us all about it, we love newbie stories.


Most informative post I've read on any of these boards. Ahaha.


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