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  1. New client trying to join community

    Well Badboy, I’m not sure if I can top that. I feel like someone should sticky that as a “How-to” at the top of the page and you receive some royalties from it. Thank you for taking the time to write that up. Now say after reading that, and I still F this up, well then maybe I should just hang up the skates (so to speak). Great advice from A to Z’ The providers I’ve been politely PM want reference(s). Hence the catch-22, but P411 looks like a potential fix to that. Although the Ashley Madison, who swore to erase all traces of members but didn’t, still rings in the back of my mind. I’ll pull up my big boy panties and make a decision there. I’m ready to have that fun everyone is referring to!
  2. New client trying to join community

    Thank you all for the responses and humor! Cheers Sounds like coffee dates are out. I’m showing my age (45) and inexperience with that one. Scratch that Being polite and upbeat I can definetly do. Good advice there, ty. I will look for providers who accept sane noobs. I’m assuming if I can connect with a provider than I’ll have a future reference. Sweet! Im trying, thanks for the help. Cheers
  3. Hey CO, First, what a great website I’m happy I found this community to explore while in a safe environment for all. Being a “noob” with zero experience or references, I can see challenges ahead trying to book that first appt. Rightfully so! Gotta be safe for providers and clients. Any suggestions on how to make a provider feel comfortable in this situation? A paid coffee trip at a local public place beforehand? Something to break the ice and build confidence in this crazy world we live. BTW, I’m just getting out there after many years in committed relationships. Not easy but figuring my way thru. And thank you for your response.