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  1. Well, the old hobby phone just wasn't cutting it any more - it was so old I had to keep my texts under 160 characters (remember that?), but worse, recently it kept chopping off the text messages from the ladies after just a few characters, which eventually led to quite a few awkward issues. It also wasn't a smart phone, so I couldn't look at TOB, P411, Gmail, etc. Decided that I had gotten my $19.95 worth of use out of it over the past six years, so I went to King Soopers and got me a new $29.95 TracPhone hobby smart phone, you can get the same one at Safeway, WalMart, etc. It appears to be the main TracPhone these days. This review of that phone is for those guys who are wondering how to keep their communications discrete. Newbies read on, vets may want to stop now. Now that I think about it, this would work just as well for the ladies too. I have to tell you - it works great! I got a $25 card that gives me 60 days, 300 minutes of talk, 1000 texts, and one GIG of data - $12.50 per month - such a deal! You can get TracPhone cards just about anywhere to renew your subscription. If you pay cash for the phone and the cards, there is no way to connect the phone to you. You do not need to provide any personal data or a credit card and no contract is required. It runs Android Marshmallow (6.1) and is a bit slow, but not bad - about the same speed as my now-slowed iPhone 6. The learning curve if you don't know the Android system is a bit of a challenge for this analog guy trapped in a digital age, but I picked it up pretty easy. If you already know Android, you will be off to the races instantly. The texts come through just fine - no chopping, emails look swell (I can even attach photos), and I even uploaded my portfolio of the pictures I have taken of the ladies over the years - it has a display as big and as good as my iPhone 6, and is about the same size. A few tips for newbies that apply to all burner phones - Never, and I mean never, let real life communicate with this phone (i.e., never call a real life number from this phone, never call this phone from a real life number - remember, records of phone calls are preserved by the carriers and subject to search warrants). You can activate it online, so go to the public library and activate it there. It will give you a new phone number, or you can move your old number over to the new phone (and any unused minutes will follow). Set up a unique e-mail account that you can check right there on the phone, and you can put in all the apps, widgets, etc., your little pea-pickin' heart desires. I am as happy as a puppy with two peckers! This little phone does it all - I'm moving my "Romantic Interlude Playlist" into the "Music" app, so that if a young lady has no tunes, I can set the mood (heavy on Billie Holiday, Sade, and, right about 35 minutes in - some pretty hard-driving rock) - the sound isn't bad, and it bluetooths nicely into a speaker if she has one. It has a pretty good camera (5mp), and a pretty good video system built in, so maybe I will finally get to film that porno video starring BadBoy I have been wanting to make, but have not been willing to carry around on the real world phone (with consent of the lady, of course). Coverage is good in town, it connects to WiFi to preserve your GIG of data, and I'm absolutely amazed at what you get for $29.95. Downsides (this is a review after all): Battery life is average, better than my iPhone, but not great. Not a lot of built-in memory (8 GIGS), but it takes a microSD card, so I added another 32 GIGS for $19.00 and can now upload photos, tunes and movies to my heart's content. FYI, it is a ZTE "MAJESTY PRO." Yep, it is from that well know manufacturer, ZTE (sarcasm font on), but seems really well built. That's it, that's all I know, don't PM for any additional information. Hope someone finds this helpful.