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  1. Interest Rates

    Interest rates are unlikely to fall to 5% and below for a few years. Purchasing a home in high season (April -Sept) you will pay the premium, Nov - Dec is the time to buy the paradox is low inventory at that time. I waited forever for rates to fall below 10% when they did I purchased a home. I have 4 mortgages, 2.85%, 5%, 6% and 8%, mortgage’s are tax deductible, credit card and car loans interest are not. My rules, don't buy real estate unless you plan to keep it at least 7 years. Pay off your credit cards every month. Date the mortgage - Marry the house. When rates fall home prices go up. Car prices are currently falling, ( tax time is usually a good time to car shop ) I am not a financial advisor, however I do have a 4 year business degree. I admire most people and their skill sets, and I can assure you that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, however these things have worked for me - LONG TERM.
  2. cloudy head light lens

    I have used Meguiar's headlight restoration kit ! Works EXCELLENT, quite frankly I think you could just use a little rubbing compound and polishing compound. Just a little buffing (elbow grease ) such a small area it will be 98% better in no time.
  3. 411 on Nautica

    Her ad on adult search says 2 girl session?
  4. Armenian Nina FBSM

    Googled # got this information › escorts massage by Armenian Nina Apr 27, 2022 — massage by Armenian Nina. 9176339292. If ad poster asks for money, credit card info, cashapp, gift card or tell you to verify in another web page good luck. Same old s**t
  5. Yes I have been seeing those ads often with young attractive Latina providers, googling the address shows a motel 6, with a 2 star rating. Looks a bit sketchy, I would suggest a light of day visit if your going to bird dog it
  6. best bbbj with cim in Colorado Springs

    This woman is the real deal, and visits DTC too. BBBJ and CIM is great : I just love a woman who rotates her hand while performing this wonderful service: Enjoy your drainage
  7. 411 on Dahlia

    I saw her pre pandemic, in Lakewood, QV, a little bit on the big boned side . . . the stimulation I received was exceptional +++. I see her adds from time to time often uses terms like Goth and Poison
  8. Vanessa from STG

    Very real … Extremely Disappointing nuff said
  9. Barbie Doll from Tryst

    She was running an ad on Escortbabylon but said in the ad she was having a bad day, I texted her, she gave me a commercial address that was 6 blocks off, I texted her from there, she gave me an address in a very large apartment complex with many buildings, no apt#, I text her from there asks me do I see a white truck, no I did not, so I spent another 10 minutes allowing google maps to give me the run around, I come back to the location, find a white truck, text her and she became very rude about my not finding it. My guess she is legit, arrogant, and in my experience a f-ing B, cause she ghosted me.
  10. So I was a ski instructor Aspen, I am standing in a ticket line purchasing private lesson tickets for my client, I turn around to the person behind me .. I look at him too long and I say “Sea Hunt”, he politely shakes my hand and says “Loyd Bridges, nice to meet you.
  11. Sexy, Naughty, Kinky Senior Citizens

    This seems like a very good idea, and is a lot better than drueling @ Costco + + + its a very good physical and mental win win for both parties talk about health benefits 😇
  12. Vaccines are sexy!

    I got my second shot 3 days ago, just a little light headed that day, my arm is still mildly sore however, I have continued my daily barbell weight exercise with no problems what so ever. Moderna brand vaccine, type O blood. I hope everyone has as good an outcome as I have had.
  13. I had texted this provider more than 8 months ago, decided not to see her because her menu was limited to CBJ and no CIM, she also informed me that she was a lower leg amputee, this was a non issue for me. She was very cordial. As to the latest video I was surprised to see this offering.
  14. Looking for A Creamy Pussy

    Try Rylee Denver she squirts on demand
  15. Thing you say when

  16. What's your fantasy?

    Waking up in a clean strange environment expirencing a CIM event with an unknown attractive woman.
  17. How long was your blackout?

    Two days....... I really thought this was the end, after the recent censorship debacle I was near certain that now that the reviews had opened back up that there was the possibility of a more severe crackdown. It’s great to have TOB back.
  18. KylieBanks 719-235-7251 Colorado Escort Kylie has a double, one is 19 the other is 25, the TOB reviews on Kylie are for a 19 year old, however both ages are used with the same photo. The double is a brunette different person but is also on backpage, both use the same phone number. Which one is it? Kylie🆆🅸🅻🅳-and-🅵🆁e🅰k🆈-sexy-petite-bombshell/41581838
  19. Tats are not the same and do not line up between the redhead and the brunette, what blond are we talking about? I see a brunette and a red head. Stolen pics and appealing to a wider age preference do make good sense. Thanks
  20. Missy 414-394-9566 Colorado Escort I am captivated by this young ladies pics, has any one had the pleasure?