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  1. Thanks everyone.

    The hospice nurse says I am in my final days and I just wanted to thank the people I have gotten to know on here for v their thoughts and friendship. Not everything was positive, but was honest. I Have Enjoyed All Are Interactions AND JUST WANT YOU ALL To Know I Will Miss YOU All. Good bye. NNG out.
  2. SOWET users beware.

    Looks like SOWET's has been busted.
  3. Dynamic Pricing

    If you are only in it for the pushy you are probably correct. But it is all the other things that come with the higher rates.
  4. Have we considered ...

    That is something I thought should be done for quite awhile. That you can only have 1 fantastic and every other review should be demoted to very good.
  5. Repeats

    When I was a john, I would see a hookers but looking to find one that I hoped would be a regular. I only found 2 regulars in all the years. The second was found rather quickly after the first left the state. I don't feel that variety is for me but the comfort of a regular is best. I was not married so cheating was never an issue. My 2 regulars are still good friends and the last I see or talk to every day for the last 6 years and I haven't seen her professionally for over 3 years.
  6. what would you do ?

    Thanks for all the compassion you have all displayed. Many of you suggestions I have thought of. I am too weak to deal with my bucket list and food and drink are tasteless. Tried to get drunk on new year's eve but could only down half a drink and went home before the champaign began to poor. I am in hospice care and am thinking of going to a beach location with my ATF where we can just sit on the beach for a while. Fortunately my ATF has been with me during my struggle and will be with me to the end. But I was wondering how others here would spend their final monthes. Living vicariously just like my time on TOB.
  7. what would you do ?

    Recently I was given an expire by date of less than 6 months from my cancer battle. I haven't been able to be aroused in months so going out with a bang is not going to happen for me. So what would you do knowing the amount of time you have left?
  8. Pot meet kettle. When is honesty negative?
  9. And you post this response way too often which is absurd for a discussion board.
  10. If their medical condition is at a point where adverse effects might happen, Johns should not put hookers in a position to need cpr or portable defibrillator to conduct their business. I know when I am healthy enough and when I am not healthy enough to participate in this activity.
  11. Why are the responses putting the hookers as responsible for the health of the john? The John is responsible for his own health and should be aware of what may happen and take appropriate action. The hookers only needs to know to call 911 and let the chips fall where they may. They are not medical professionals (some may be) and could put themselves in legal jeopardy. I don't think hooking is covered.
  12. What have you traded for sex?

    I have traded my soul for sex.
  13. Should I be worried?

    Yeah right, tell that to the cops and see where that lands you.