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  1. Happy Birthday Lucy Kitten!!

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!
  2. Old members you miss the most

    Ok I still miss these names. Sascha Sanders, talented and intelligent. A name not mentioned is Gazelle Fuller. Remembered indeed with the likes of Anjelica And Melanie Fox sadly departed.
  3. Sexist ????? are you kidding? That's like saying ALL that like great hiney manuvers are all anal retentive. Sheesh. I have always been a breast man. But I refuse to be pidgeon-holed into what I like. Sometimes I like huge gazastahabens AKA luce. Other times small and sensitive. Small butts have the finest hiney manuvers, I know im in the minority there. Everyone has a valid upside, and it takes all kinds in the world of sensuality to satisfy needs. Im just glad that there are sensitive T's and A's out there to temp us.
  4. A fill in the blank poll...

    Other here as well. Left town is most "final" but some have moved back. All other items are just what happens. The $$$$ might be a stopper but wow if she is best of the best, I cant say I haven't paid. One thing that will stop me is bad change of attitude. But hair color? not
  5. Just put MSOG in the advanced review query. It should show you any provider that MSOG was mentioned. Understand that you have to read the review. Happy hobbying
  6. Deep Throat

    Ok I'm still laughing at the last line " lets do bad stuff!!" Yes, Yes ,Yes deep throat is really worth it. But like anything, it has to be your fantasy. Teeth way down on you scrotum is unique in more ways than one. Many times I've had this. I once was told that girth is the issue, not length. That was from one of, just one of the best of the best.
  7. what would you do ?

    First, I'm sorry for the news. Bucket list is so much on track for you. One thing I still remember is a view of a 14'er in the winter. Winterpark has a great lift that can get you there. What your favorite food. Go get the best of the best. Travel will be involved. Hopefully your strength is still enough to get you there. Your favorite music? Anything that is the best of the best. Thoughts are with you tho, whatever you decide.
  8. I don't mind small bruises but the bigger concern is if there is any pain associated. Touch or no touch zones because of the bruises. Explainations go along way here. But the big ugly yellow and green ones are a no go for me. Just don't want to see those. I now there are reasons, but I don't want to see. Hate to be that graphic but yikes those look bad.
  9. Deep Throat

    Kennedy Leigh yes. Wowzer
  10. Being a non smoker for 3 years now, I understand about the raspy voice. But give me a raspy redhead voice and I just might be in heaven. But a soft bubbly positive voice is also great. A raspy I don't give a flip voice is just not for me. You can be harsh on the 3 or fourth visit, but not initial. But this is just me. And I don't care if you smoke even during the session
  11. Hairy Legs

    Not my cup of tea and cup of jo'. To each their own. I don't find it too difficult. But, what if there hair on the top of her feet. Lines have to be drawn somewhere.
  12. The dress is cool and so is the pattern. If you've got a ATF or best of the best, mo' money is all I have ever done. Maybe a good bottle of wine to share but the money is best. Seems that it is unexpected to those who are reputable.
  13. The Process of Learning (Sorry for the double post!)

    Ill add to this. We do need to get some idea of lessons learned. EVERYONE can say"I remember when..." But my memories could not be nearly the same. Some of the lessons maybe the same. I can remember going to a race course and having my college buddies holding me down and pouring Southern Comfort down my throat. Everybody laughed including me. I hate Southern Comfort to this day. So you seem to be ahead of others in your age group, or not. We cant know. What we can say is everybody different and your personality is still developing. Experience develops that. There is no way around that. You can accelerate that a little and see how the fun develops or flops. Keep doing what you do and enjoy the ride. The playing field is open now.
  14. There has to be a "deboning joke" made me roar. I have caught a few large carp. Just a log to bring up. Smoked Carp, while disgusting to many is actually very very good. Must know how to dry smoke fish and debone(there it is again)fillets.
  15. a way to keep warm for the winter

    At least their not braided JK