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  1. 411 on Lola Bunz

    She has a ton of reviews on other boards. Just search her phone #
  2. New Provider

    Can't wait til you're in VA!
  3. Denver Ladies agency

    That's like watching the food network. You're just going to get hungry.
  4. Check out the links to the ad board would be my recommendation "buddy"
  5. Sky Lee...

    After the inauguration of the annointed one. All females are now black.
  6. Ever fall for this apparent scam?

    Actually, there's an Agent Provactuer shop in the Forum Shops in Las Vegas. It's 500 miles closer to you and probably cheaper airfare.
  7. Learn to search better. According to Miranda's redbook ad, she's in Fresno
  8. Candy Colored Hair?

    No wonder you're forced to pay for pussy.
  9. April

    She (or her backpage account) posted these two ads. Different phone numbers and different girls. Could be her travelling buddy.No other hits on the phone numbers or reviews.
  10. Just came back from Tampa and saw this.

    Here's a recent pic but it was snowing.
  11. Any info on Anna?

    Fucking a pregnant woman is like putting gas in a car that's already been wrecked.
  12. I'd be a troll under those bridges
  13. The first 5 minutes

    For me, 5 minutes wise, I have to say one of the best occured in Atlanta. The girl opened the door and as I walked into her hotel room, I dropped an envelope on a table and she jumped on the bed and landed on her knees and spun facing me. She asked what I liked, and I replied "you". She jumped up on the bed and said "catch me". I caught her and as we were kissing she unbuttoned my shirt and whispered in my ears to drop my trousers that she wasn't wearing any panties. That was a good 5 minutes.
  14. What is it that occurs during the first 5 minutes that makes or breaks the date for you?