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  1. Downloading porn for free

    So Macho is your identical twin. May be you zeroed in on the problem. I removed Java entirely.
  2. Downloading porn for free

    pm if you have a suggestion. I am not really a computer genius.
  3. Downloading porn for free

    You still remember my encounter with the tranny ! get a fucking job instead of spreading your venom. It is not working . I right click and nothing happen. I don't think the antivirus .
  4. Didn't do that for years , tried today and it didn't work. What change ?
  5. Sell my soul to the devil.
  6. May be somebody mentioned that already. both as bad as old photo.
  7. It's "Fappening" Again

    I tried and all I got is nothing and most probably I will end up infecting my fucking pc...I still didn't see Jennifer Lawrence photos either..may be I am the only one who couldn't lol.
  8. Uncanny resemblance?

    What is about mother and daughter and the mother had her when she was really young.
  9. I was fooled by shemale .

    Is naughty and nice is a representation of your bipolar or may be schizopernia
  10. I was fooled by shemale .

    wow. thank you for the advice , I will reciprocate and inform you that your dad after he left your alcoholic drug addict mother has decided to join the club....the transgender club.he will actually take step further and turn his tiny dick into pussy....oh the miracle od surgery...but him some tampons for father day.
  11. I was fooled by shemale .

    I watched and it lead me to your wife and she thanked me...I am sorry to know that you are impotent...hang in there...I will take care of her sexual need to thank me.
  12. I was fooled by shemale .

    And you call yourself a moderator , I will recommend you for...well for nothing...sorry there is nothing I can recommend you for...