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  1. 411 on Selena4you

    Elrack3, for your piece of mind... She is pretty flaky. Texted her many time to schedule an appointment but can't get her to set any time to meet. She keep saying she will meet in the late afternoon but can't set any time up. Flakes are bad in the business. Disappointing!! Some may have a better luck with her!!
  2. 411 on farmbooty4 in COS

    Thank you Kansas Gold for getting on the thread and introducing yourself. I guess we need to see her so she get some reviews?!! As long as people can get in touch with her...
  3. 411 on farmbooty4 in COS

    Thanks, Mustang87. Her ads disappeared now.
  4. farmbooty4 305-203-7594 Colorado Escort Hi All, Has anyone seen "farmbooty4"? She started advertising on TOB this week. Any feed back, let me know. Thanks.
  5. Help Making a Personal Website

    If you still need help, pm me.
  6. Ladies, what kind of sounds do you like?

    Don't ask silly questions while the provider is on top of you even though you are curious!! I got laughs, complemented and hushed. She told me to focus on the task at hand and be quiet so she can focus!! LOL.
  7. 411 on 719-224-4140 in COS

    Some of pictures are Pixie's. She used to have P411 account and dropped off. Now she is resurface under different number but then she has few different numbers before... Hmmm..
  8. Colorado Springs

    Thanks, Banger!! LMAO.
  9. Review Approval?

    I am noticing the approval process has been very prompt. Thanks Mods. You are awesome. Cheers!!
  10. Colorado Springs

    Sorry Chrissy. LOL. I didn't see your ads. Maybe I am not looking hard. Sorry. My bad.
  11. Hmm. is that why I love Nooner? LOL.
  12. Colorado Springs

    Mustang, I hear you. I have been going up to Denver to see new ladies. Maybe we will carpool? LOL.
  13. Be still my beating heart...

    I agree with y'all. I love seeing my ATF but it is a thrill to see a new one and to see what she is like. Thrills!!!!