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  1. Super freaky good times

    I understand the suggestions to ask girlfriend for these ideas but I want to offer a different thought...perhaps s person doesn't want those particular things with his life partner? My wife is hot as hell and way more than I can handle but there are certain things she just doesn't enjoy. I do so am free to explore with others who also enjoy those things. I am very lucky to have such a relationship!!! Don't forget that part of the thrill sometimes is the adventure of a different partner. One that includes a parting after the fantasy.
  2. Getting kinda wet here

    Rain is mesmerizing and many experiences with rain!
  3. erotic talk Careless Whispers

    Perhaps a bad title?
  4. erotic talk Careless Whispers

    I like to whisper erotic tales into the ears of my woman partners. Stories of the past or fantasies of the future. Do any of you ladies get turned on by this?
  5. Which is the Most?

    Lol well any place CAN be a good spot but I was looking for something specific in this thread. So ow I will start a new thread even more specific.
  6. Which is the Most?

    Ladies which of these three is your greatest turn on when stimulated? Mouth Neck Nipples
  7. Dancing

    Message to Mods...I know giving out specific information in public is prohibited including private connection info. Is it also prohibited in PM?
  8. HH vs HR

    I dislike impersonal encounters so I savor the longer times. Unless I am very well acquainted HH would not be a preference.
  9. Wearing out your welcome

    Age old question really. No one likes being taken advantage of either way. The worst is when a guy is trying to get round two and it is not happening in the allotted time. I was always important to me that the lady feel appreciated including her time. If that is expressed properly she will let you know if you can relax longer or if she feels the need to end a session. If a woman is doing her job well it will always feel like time has stopped but it really hasn't. If a guy knows he is not a fast finisher then have the appropriate tip ready to begin with. Many women I have known planned on extra time in the "hourly" period of play. Just remember they have an entire cleansing routine to go through including make up so her hour turns into two hours invested and the results are amazing!
  10. Best BBBJ in Denver

    Bit I recall that one! Obviously there are some that appeal to me more than others and usually depends on the desire created by a lover of such activities. The funniest thing is how almost all Providers and all men consistently say that they give the best. There are exceptions of excellence but my number one ATF is no longer playing the game. She and her girlfriend had a Blow Off contest on me one day and that was epic. My favorite memory was a Birthday party with a group of friends and I swear when the last offer came I had already had five "Birthday Blows" and had to turn it down!!!!
  11. Crazy Stories

    One of my Favorites was my ATF had given me a key for another reason. Shad told me of an appointment but they got to having fun and went way over time. I walked in on them!! Hw was standing there bare assed and she was kneeling and doing her thing probably getting ready for an extended round. I shocked them and they sort of froze in place....I walked up, slapped his bare ass, and told her not to lose focus....LOL As I left it made me so happy I laughed out loud....MT
  12. Crazy Stories

    My favorite game to play in a Strip Club or Private Adult Party is "Shots For Stories" Ask specific things like, "Tell us the story of your first orgasm involving another person." The stories are interesting and the guys almost always remember in detail including names while the ladies not as much. I insist they give names and details!!
  13. Favorite Nipple

    Consensus please...Do all women have a preferred nipple?
  14. Happy Bday Ryann

    Much happiness to you sweet Ryann.
  15. Hwy NM lets use this site.

    It helps all of us in this Hobby when there is regular check ins on this site. I will be checking daily and encouraging my friends to do the same. If you see this please join us!