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  1. "Blacklist"

    Do guys seriously not realize that us, Providers, keep in contact with each other and have blacklists to keep us safe? Between the disrespect, the vulgar communication, games, and no shows.... Us girls arent stupid and want to keep each other safe. What's the point of scheduling and never following through??? Is it attention? Is it desperation? Is it the thrill of the game?
  2. Influx of fakes in COS?

    Here's to hoping they'll be gone after the holiday! 100-200 posts per day is rather ridiculous and actually looks desperate. They're spending hundreds of dollars a day just on BP for advertising. Be careful out there guys. I'd hate to see some of you get trapped into a scam. The legitimate Providers are truly losing out over this "influx of Asians".
  3. Influx of fakes in COS?

    Counting just today, the "Outcall Denver Asians" have posted ads 90 times in Colorado Springs! That's ridiculous and actually gets rather expensive. As a Provider, I am quite curious who these people are. Is it a sting? Is it some agency blowing thru Colorado? Any info would be great. RyleighCOS