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  1. Reno

    Thanks all
  2. Reno

    Hi all, my initial and quick search info on Reno has been less then satisfactory. Any suggestions for fbsm or boards similar to TOB. Thanks in advance.
  3. Latina Spas

    Anyone have experiance with the Latina Spas in Cali ( LA)? What is the going rate for massage, body rub? Also any recs for a cmt in L.A. Posted in Colo due to higher board activity
  4. Latina Spas

    My little head so wants this to be a FANTASTIC event. Big head is telling me otherwise! thanks guys
  5. Just a quick PSA. I am not, or ever was Janell

    I am Spartacus
  6. Retirement?

    Did I miss Christina of Denver retirement announcement? I don't get to play very often but have seen her many times throughout many years. Best of luck to her.
  7. Mexican restaurants

    I am going to stick up CO Mexican food! Try amigos next to the post office Dayton. They are mostly a breakfast and lunch place. Not sure how late they stay open. No flash but the food iis good. I think CA Mexican is best represented by Casa Bonita.
  8. 411 Huge Hooters Bria on BP

    I think she has reviews under Bree as well as a discussion from a while ago. I have similar opinion as av8r. Not a rip off just not what I am looking for
  9. Recommendation for a fit, older ASP

    Barbie Dahl. Riley
  10. Best 3G provider

    Hit post too soon... I don't think the terrible reviews are the way to go. The average ones are probably "good" 3g experiances. The session was on time, the donation is what was agreed upon and the lady was close to what you expected. I think we lose sight of what average really means. Sorry gonna rant here... I hate customer surveys about mundane items like having my car worked on. " If this experience was not a 19 what could we do to make it better?". I guess you could break out the MacAllen and your wife could blow me.
  11. Best 3G provider

    I think some of us are hesitant to say a name as it might offend said lady. With that being said I think Danielle Rae's quick sessions are a very fun 3g session. She is very nice looking and fun to be with.
  12. For the Holidays

    Is Greek on the menu?
  13. Cherry Blossom?

    Thank you now I need a new keyboard from blowing Dr. Pepper out my nose.
  14. Latina Massage

    Has anyone tried.the place advertisimg.onBP Mia 720.297.1781
  15. 411 BP body rub

    http:// I am surprised I have not seen info on this poster as they have been goin on for a while. Any one have experiance?
  16. Latina Massage

    I had a nice massage. Not sure she was the same gal as the picture.
  17. Latina Massage

    Yes there are several office locations. I believe.I will take an expolritory visit. Thanks for the feedback