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  1. Where Will You Discover Us?

    ECCIE is back up! Changed from .net to .ch
  2. no listings?

    I hope TOB recognizes how many California refugees have joined in the last couple of weeks, and reconsiders?
  3. Reference friendly Ladies

    I am Reference Friendly as well. REFERENCES ARE NOW CRUCIAL! I Really Hope everybody puts their egos aside and takes 5 minutes to give a client reference. We've All got to work together to stay Safe! 2 days ago I had a gentlemen contact my off switter with 5 references, and ONE Replied back to me! COME ON Ladies! SMH!
  4. Let's Talk About Switter

    I joined a couple of days ago. It's kindof glitchy so far! I'm @alexissweet69
  5. SESTA / FOSTA to be signed Wednesday

    Sign the petition against it!
  6. Switterland Luck?

    I just joined Switter a couple days ago. I'm @alexissweet69
  7. Love SoCal

    No more California listings! Goodbye TOB.
  8. NS refugees

    Nothing for us Californians here now either! No more California listings!
  9. NS refugees

    Hi everybody I was on NightShift too!
  10. What does this holiday mean to you

    Feeling nostalgic and spending time with family! Happy Easter!
  11. SMFH! I was on NightShift too!