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  1. Kansas City?

    Does anyone know anything about the hobby in Kansas City? Visiting there for the weekend next week and would like to look into meeting a new friend or two. Thx! Jade
  2. Whats with Grand Junction lately?

    I see guys asking all the time on this forum for us providers to come visit Grand Junction. But seems like when we do guys either cancel (Ive had 3 last minute cancellations this trip) or just don't book. I've been told by other providers and a few hobbyist that it's a real issue over here. Its been about 4 maybe 5 years since I've done regular trips over here but it sure wasn't like this then. Obviously things happen sometimes (in regards to cancellations), but there is a higher than normal cancellation rate for Grand Junction. Just wondering if anyone had any insights as to why? Jade