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  1. New P411 ?

    I can never sign on now when I'm connected to The Onion Router (TOR). Otherwise, no better, no worse, just different.
  2. What to wear

    If she's wearing a smile, then I really don't care what else she has on. Of course, just a men's dress shirt or a towel are fantastic as well!
  3. What? Hmm??

    I always try to schedule a few days ahead and that works 99% of the time. However, there are occasions when I've driven an hour for an appointment only to be cancelled on at the last minute. (No problem, life happens.) There have been such times when I've tried to find a last-minute replacement using the "Available Now" section of P411. Unfortunately, I often find that "Available Now" often means "Available in 4 hours". In other words, there are times when we really do want an appointment ASAP, which on the surface may seem unreasonable. Once the "launch sequence is activated", we may not be thinking with the right head at that point.
  4. Missed retired providers

    Stacy Carlson, CSGiesha, Wonder, Nicole McKnight, Nina Nichols, Brielle Paige
  5. Ladies, what do you put on your resume ?

    "Customer relations" has always seemed appropriate to me.
  6. Vaccines are sexy!

    Is the vaccine 100% effective? No. Is it 100% safe? I doubt it. However, by now enough people have gotten the vaccine with minimal side effects to make me feel comfortable about getting it. If nothing else, there's value in the peace of mind thinking that life may return to something more closely resembling normal. It's been a year now since I've been hobbying because I didn't want to take the risk. I suspect the week after I get the vaccine I'll be scheduling appointments.
  7. CoVid and providers

    So far the big head has won out and I'm staying home. The little head is starting to get more persuasive though. Waiting for the vaccine.
  8. hobby computer security question

    If safety is the primary concern, you can also consider TOR. It's like a combination of secure private mode browser and VPN. https://www.torproject.org/
  9. Big Brother Is Watching

    Saw an interesting article this week on "Smart Camera Networks". It talks about the rising number of public cameras tied into police networks, and new software to analyze the video to identify patterns. The article gives an example of how this was used to identify houses used for drug dealing based on the amount of traffic going to the house. The potential implications for the hobby are obvious--a bunch of 50-year-old males visit this house and stay for 60 minutes. Hmmm.... Does this concern anyone yet? Would it change your hobby habits to favor outcalls or hotels instead of private incalls?
  10. How's traffic in Denver interfere with your ability to hobby??

    I used to be able to do a "long lunch" trip from COS to DTC. With the traffic and "gap" construction I don't even consider that now. I'll only make the trip now if I have the whole day free--which isn't often.
  11. Poll: Slutty look or Classy sexy look

    Personally, I prefer the casual "girl next door" look. Of course if there were a little "slutty surprise" beneath that's a bonus.
  12. Would you feel awkward or embarrassed?

    Same here. Personally, I'd appreciate an offer of extra time more than a discount.
  13. DP

    Had scheduled a DP session once. Unfortunately the YL forgot her work phone and by the time she realized it I was back at work. She retired before I could reschedule, so it's still a bucket list item for me.
  14. Ruin a movie's name by adding 'in the ass'

    The Hunt For Red October...in the ass.
  15. Who would you bring back?

    Have seen them all and can't agree more. I'd add Wonder and Nicole McNight to your list.