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  1. Caught Self-Reviewing Multiple Times

    That is what i was guessing. Yeah i am right sometimes
  2. Happy Valentines Day Denver❣

    I also wish everyone a happy Valentine's day.
  3. 411 on Sweet Lexxi

    I dont get out to Virginia. But she has 18 reviews on em. Have you tried contacting one of those reviewers by chance. Good luck i would be interested if she was coming to Colorado
  4. Another day on TOB...

    Badboy, I don't think i need to read any more posts. I believe you have summed them up
  5. National shower with a friend day.

    Damn I missed out on this.
  6. Should I stick to one provider?

    It is both nice to have variety and familiarity. I have a few that I like to see regularly but I also like meeting new people. You never know what your are missing out on if you try looking.
  7. Snow Day

    The hall pass it funny but it should have been a tramp stamp. Sorry you have to make excuses to go play.
  8. Fake Reviews

    Well there are fake reviews both positive and negative and as kaduk mentioned the mods will take care of those. Any negative review is sent to the recipient first. This way she knows before it is posted and contact the reviewer. If they come to an accord the reviewer can then modify or not submit the review. If the reviewer stands firm then the lady can post a rebuttal with her side of the story. I for one when I see a negative review I look at the rebuttal very closely. It will normally shed light on the entire situation. Sometimes guys have a bad experience or the lady has a bad. It is easy to take care of the good person but what truly sets professionalism in circumstance is how you take care of the problem child. And sometimes no matter what you do they some individuals will not be pleased.
  9. Big Game watching

    And here i thought you guys were going out into nature and doing some elk, deer or may be some bear watching. Have fun watching "the big game"
  10. possible new scam, or is it paranoia

    This is nothing new. Just remember that the internet made catalog shopping much easier and more cost efficient than printing an actual catalog. Google is just their to make revenue. As long as you have the money you can get placement. I remember how unethical adorama and bh photo use to be. It was known in that community they were using peoples money for capital to fund other investments. They did not make it easy to get your money back. Just like here do your homework but treat those to good to be true like bp. There are lots of ways to protect your self and while it may seem to be an inconvenience it generally best in the long run.
  11. Be mindfull where you aim!!

    Ouch! Never thought of that being able to happen.
  12. Wanna play a game??

    For me
  13. Filters

    Dont particularly like the filters and no it does not directly add to me wanting to see them. However it is an alternative to blurring their face or not showing it at all which may provide more information to see them.
  14. Are you woogie ready RIGHT NOW

    I have had to many disappointments with dated planned in advanced whether it be canceled appointments or I build my expectations up to much. I have resorted to same day appointments when possible. I do however in my introduction make sure my prospective date is informed that I understand it may be short notice for them and I understand that if does not work out. Even with this approach I had issues with providers flaking. It is just part of the hobby unfortunately.