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  1. Hello Denver

    Welcome to tob. My recommendations would update you gallery and stay active on the forums. Enjoy and be safe
  2. Now They're Coming for Victoria's Secret

    I love a nice set of lingerie for this hobby no doubt. While i have never worn it some of it just cant be comfortable for all day wear. Victoria secret is horribly expensive and there is just as sexy outfits by other companies. Still love their fashion shows.
  3. Insomnia

    I have never had insomnia unless you consider getting toned out for calls and only getting a couple of hours of sleep . However i have sleep apnea which ised to make me think i was was getting sleep but not getting any true rest. I did not do anything about it until i fell asleep while driving and put my car into the guard rail at 65 mph. If you have not seeked medical help please do so. Not sleeping just flat out sucks.
  4. Great Exercise

    Now if we could just pole dancing their own reality prime time show.
  5. What's your pump up theme song?

    I like this
  6. Generic fails

    Spam "stuff posing as meat". It was never my thing but dad loved frying this stuff up and making a sandwich. The jelly stuff always turned me off. The house brand of cookies coconut dreams at Walmart are just as good as keebler. There is definitely times for name brands but alot of house brands are just rebranded and hard to tell of there is any difference.
  7. Happy Halloween

    And here I thought Trick was the treat when it comes to this hobby. LOL
  8. Just because you say your a newbie....

    With all the negativity that has been posted here lately i am glad that Francesca took the time to share a good experience. Thank you for posting a positive comment.
  9. 411 on Snow Bunny

    Very interesting yl and we look forward to your review.
  10. 411

    Boink, Please check with the other mods in regards to the topic about the Love twins. They went through this in July and since they can not by the rules post an image of the two of them together I had sent them one that was provided by the girls. They cleared themselves then and I am not sure why they are being harassed now. As for accurate vs actual. Let's try this scenario. Have you ever seen a forgery of any type of artwork? Whether this be a painting, drawing or currency. While we could agree that the forgery is not the actual artwork you will find obvious fakes and you find ACCURATE copies. For reviews we are not provided an option for "actual accurate" pictures. We use what have available to us and then have the opportunity expound in comments if necessary. If I new they were fake photos that would be have been denoted along with detailed comments to provide an accurate review. You have two eye witness that based on what you see on the screen and what we have seen in person both feel these are accurate photos. And while that stands up in a court of law 99 out of 100 times. I do not go to an appointment and pull out their posted picture and start comparing all of there features to make sure they are identical. I believe everyone would agree this would be much easier if every one were honest or had such distinguishing features that is was easy to tell. I appreciate the mods tremendously they do a lot of good work to help us out. I am pretty sure it is against tob rules to Libel against very real and reviewed providers. I hope the appropriate action is taken when such egregious violations happen. This is supposed to be a fun community and while the intentions of the op might have been in the right place one has to stop and question, we her intentions pure and just happen to go arie or was she her to damage peoples reputation to what has been proven libel. While I don't like people using faked or forged pictures. At least Sunny love will get a thorough examination on Monday and if it turns out be a forgery by god it I am sure it will be a damn accurate one unless she has done something to herself in the last 3 months. I hope everyone has a great day and enjoys the wonderful offering that this site offers. Safe hobbying
  11. 411

    If they stole photos they are accurate photos. Since there are no distinguishing features such as tattoos and their faces are not shown in the picture there is no way to say these are their actual pictures. But you are an educated woman and should be able to distinguish between accurate and actual. We dont have that choice when submitting a review. What i can tell everyone these photos are accurate and you will see absolutely woman that are accurately represented and you will not be disappointed in their looks or in the time spent with them. I stand behind my reviews
  12. 411

    This topic was discussed the last time they visited. These girls are real providers and they are fraternal twins and provide a great service. Cali if would finish your research you should be able to find the thread discussing them. I Geezer, For a person that only has posted four reviews and not one since last year. I dont care that you are a forum troll. But i dont appreciate being called a liar. If you have a question about my reviews you should have contacted me by before calling me out in a public place which is also against the rules here.
  13. 411

    This topic was discussed the last time they visited. These girls are real providers and they are fraternal twins and provide a great service. Cali if would finish your research you should be able to find the thread discussing them. I
  14. Collecting

    I have a collection of great memories from all the beautiful and caring women that have been so gracious to share a little time with me. Thanks ladies
  15. Walked away without even knocking

    I Certainly would have left