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  1. Another etiquette question for the ladies

    Goodguy Sorry it just caught me funny with the "manors" because who really wants the up keep on the bad "manors" and the new coinage of "distespectful" is that a combination of distasteful and disrespect. Not trying to be the spelling police and it just made me laugh. Your phone must be like mine it causes me to spell incorrectly all the time. LOL
  2. Another etiquette question for the ladies

    Well hunter then "bless your heart" darlin LOL
  3. Favorite Hiking trails

    The Happy Trails song is Roy Rogers. And jag is correct unless your are with friends.
  4. New provider in town

    Was able to finally talk with her scheduler today. They are having fun figuring out TOB and the Denver Market. I am hoping they will try both sides but regardless I am trying to see her on Monday.
  5. Listings

    I have been trying to get hold of her but no reply to pm or text. I will try email next.
  6. New provider in town

    It is amazing no one takes responsibility for their own actions. Lets blame our own stupidity and lack of respect on others especially when a very valid explanation was given. She clearly post on her site what is offered. Asking for something else it is just flat out disrespectful and time wasting. Then you get someone that points it out and someone that wants to make special notes about something she has posted and then blames others for pointing out the obvious. Common sense has been thrown out the with the bath water these days and I know kindergarten was a long time ago for most of us but reading was taught then and used through out all the education years. If you want to claim illiteracy then some are dumber than I think. If you don't take time to read what some one is offering then why are you on a board. Just respect people and take responsibility for your own actions. The truth hurt sometimes. My rant is over! Happy and safe hobbying everyone.
  7. Disappointment

    This really sucks when it happens especially if you don't have a plan B in place. I had two providers flake this weekend. One we set the date but I could not commit to the exact time till the morning of. I can not see that at a NCNS but she just ghosted me. Luckily some one was available and I had a great time. Another provider happen to show in the listing texted and she responded promptly a couple of times the stopped to find out she fell asleep. No worries! An hour or so later she texted back lets meet but when I responded for an address and exact time she just flat out ghosted me. Saw her listing pop up several hours later. I just don't know why some of these YL do this. Again no worries I will find someone who will want to spend time with me later this week. It seems to happen more when I set up dates in advance instead of short notice. The good thing there are lots of great women on this board and while it is a bummer being let down you can find someone that really wants to see you. Happy and safe hobbying
  8. 411 on Hanna

    And if by some strange chance it did turn out to be her based on the published rates I would expect the upsell to be ridiculous.
  9. New provider in town

    Lauren, It seems to be the highest density of providers is in the dtc area. But please dont forget us up north Westminster, broomfield and Thornton. Laci gave you the best advice try different areas and see what works best for you. Since you are new to Colorado you may want to avoid Lakewood until you get established. PM if you have further questions and want a client's perspective. Yes I will be biased as I live further north than you will want to go. Welcome and looking at the site link I presume we may be seeing some of your friends also.
  10. 411 KellySkyy

    Since you cant follow the posting rules here I can only imagine how your texting went. Seeing that you are new I am going she had the same question about you. I would recommend some research on the forum for etiquette and would also suggest looking for newbie friendly providers. Here is the link that should have been posted
  11. Shopping questions

    Don't forget to look at ross and tj max. There can be some bargains there for decorations. And of course Hobby Lobby just make sure it is on sale. Also depending on what you want look for local auctions. Just be careful not to get caught up in bidding and pay to much because they generally have a 15% vig over what you bid.
  12. Elizamaine720 ???

    The height to weight proportion she has listed I don't believe would coincide with the pictures posted either
  13. Hasty La Vista

    Well Happy good luck in you endeavors and I wish you the best. You have been such an asset here on the board providing great advice. Damn it now I have to find some one willing to see some yl before I do and tell me about the latest fishing spots. May the sun provide the warmth you need, I hope you find the camping spots with the best trees and the fish bite no matter what bait you cast. You will be truly missed by many.
  14. Tegan Daily

    Wow! she is an absolute knock out. Her website has some great information but her donation is also out of this world
  15. The Picture Issue

    Ladies you should do what you are comfortable with enjoy and feel safe In what you display. If you need to blur an identifying mark that is ok just dont remove them. As far as being a client I like the variety of the different types of photos. Glam photos can be fun and selfies are ok. Pictures dont have to be taken by a pro but but when i shot professionally it was my goal to capture the most natural inner beauty with that extra attention to detail. When you get to know people and their personality it would show through . However it is most import to me they are classy, recent and good quality with color correction and decent brightness. It shows your attention to detail and sometimes your confidence. A variety of full body and close ups is also good just not all close ups. A variety of street clothing, lingerie and tasteful nudes can show your personality which Is what i want to know. Yes i have a body type i prefer but my mind can be swayed one way or the other by what your photos portray. While I am not a tattoo guy I have seen many woman with tattoos. Enjoy and be safe.