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  1. Sophie from BP

    I tried calling her one day day and never could get answer. She tends to post with both ads a few hours apart. If you see please post a review
  2. Jinsum.....i'm confused

    She is definitely a crazian. Crazy Asian. And sometimes crazy it not to bad. It's to bad some of these providers just dont think about their customer service.
  3. Ads and expired info posted

    To me it makes them look flaky posting an ad with out of date information. Changing it to state she was coming back or thank you for a great time would be good marketing to keep us interested when they are returning. would be marketing savvy. Now if is just had your skills kaduk at finding information on some of these post then i could talk about being tech savvy. Thanks for your replies in so many posts.
  4. Ads and expired info posted

    Thanks Kandi. Now i know those providers aren't total flakes just not tech savvy.
  5. Ads and expired info posted

    Just wondering on how the ads work on TOB. i keep seeing an ad by angiexoxo it says Visit in town Nov, 15th-20th 6 days later her ad has refreshed at least three times today. . When you ladies purchase ads can you set a schedule to refresh on their own? Otherwise i would presume she was actively looking but yet she does not answer PM's or Texts.
  6. Emma on CityVibe?

    I did not even know about cityvibe good to know to stay away I would like to meet the real person in those pics.
  7. 411 On BP Hayley

    Hayley 857-286-5476 Colorado Escort I have seen her post A google image search comes up with ads dating back to July 2017. Phone number comes with the same listing plus one in Vegas. She states same girl new number but i dont find any different info. Any of you guys that at better research find anything else? Thanks
  8. Stacey Marie

    I have seen her. She did not want any reviews for privacy sake. She can be tough to get hold of but keep trying. The pictures are her and recent. I don't check this board very often but you can pm me if you have further questions.
  9. 411 Leila Mannx

    Thanks for the replies. This is something i would have suspected from BP and gut was telling me the same move on but being on TOB i was expecting more.
  10. 411 Leila Mannx

    Leila Mannx 720-669-3535 Colorado Escort I am trying to find out if any one has on Leila Manxx. She is here on Tob so I presume she has to be legit. She does not accept reviews but her incall is in Lakewood which is typically a red flag. Her quoted donation would suggest very strict limits. Please PM me with any help here.
  11. help with any info

    Real Red Head 205-719-8611 Colorado Escort Tried finding info and image google and seem to come up with just denver and boulde ads. no name and tob search on the phone number did not turn upanything. __________________________- cached Ad BP Boulder escorts Apr 13, 2016
  12. Brandi New busty brunette spinner

    Was looking at this ad. You text her and she sends you to the second link which states you have to do a web cam for $35 before she will meet you. When you tell her you wont see her because of this she threatens to out you on and that it will cost you $2000 to get a lawyer to remove you from a the list. Looks like a bad experience avoided. Looks like the image has been used many times. Sorry if this falls to much into a review but its more of a warning since i could not see her. __________________________________________________________________ 720-477-3163 / 720💋477💋3163 Brandi cached Ad BP Denver escorts Dec 25, 2015
  13. The FBSM List v3.0

    Inbox is full would like be in the know.