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  1. 411 on Guzman

    She has a very well designed web site. Definitely on the high end.
  2. 411 on Amira Mulan

    There was a link at the bottom of her web page that took you to p411
  3. 411 on Amira Mulan

    I have not seen her. She has definitely invested in a her brand but is way out of my budget. She is on P411 if you are part of that group.
  4. Do the ladies mind ?

    Why go to west texas just go to shooters grill on rifle colorado.
  5. Happy International Whores’ Day!

    Damn it i missed it yesterdayband the person i scheduled with two weeks ago flaked today. But i will definitely support some one this week.
  6. This is a great post. The really great women here already know this whether it be consciously or unconsciously. It is to bad many of the providers just dont get it.
  7. P411

    While i dont use p411 anymore it is good news. As for tob i have been wondering if they had opened up because i am noticing more listing with no reviews.
  8. Do the ladies mind ?

    As a person that has very much investested in the firearms industry it is always interesting to see and hear the replies from all sides. If you are carrying properly for the situation and respectful of others you will not offend any one. There would be a few concerns. Dont leave your clothes, bag etc. out of your sight. You dont want anyone going through them. The other is with asian woman that want to help you get dressed. They wonder why your pants are real heavy. Every once in a while you run into some one that wants to help you undress. Just remeber to respect other views. You have multiple choices: 1. Do not carry to an appointment. 2. Discuss with the provider before seeing them. 3. Carry concealed which means no one knows you are carrying. Way all the advantages and consequences of each choice. As for the legal stand point in Colorado it is up to the private business or individual to let visitors know prior to or upon the visit of their policies. For a business it must be posted conspicuosly on every entrance. CCW laws is c.r.s. 18-12. Just remember to secure the firearm in some fashion and dont just leave it your vehicle. I would be concerned with any valuables left in a vehicle at a hotel especially. We all want to feel safe so both sides enjoy our time together.
  9. I got a wierd request!!

    This was hilarious.
  10. To play again or not?

    I would just add to make sure the pictures and information is updated and current.
  11. "NO GFE" mentioned, great idea

    Yes fosta has made this more difficult for both sides to figure out who to see but even before that and since there is not a manual for either side it has always been interesting to navigate all the various definitions. It always left to interpretation. Just looking at the different online resources you will not find a complete concenus on a words meaning. Yes we have to put some effort into making everyones experience enjoyable.
  12. So my question is how do they know it is an app. Never really looked into google voice or others.
  13. Is Naomi March on hiatus?

    Naomi just visits for just about a week at a time. She generally visits every couple of months. While i have not seen her, she at least used to be part of group that rotates through denver. Just look for her when she posts.
  14. Scheduling Etiquette & Follow Up

    Alia, Shenanigans goes both ways and no matter what side you are on it sucks. The first situation could have been something similar to what i experienced while sitting in parking lot waiting for a room number. She sent a text and i never received it. Finally get hold of her by phone and we met. She shows me the text and i show her it was never received. She tried again and it just went to lala land. Not necessarily what happened in your case but it seems like he was waiting and not just blowing you off. You got to love technology sometimes. Your second one seems like you may have averted a bad situation. I know i am sometimes challenged finding a room in some of these labyrinths but i certainly dont waste that much time letting my date know that i cant find it. I have also had other woman up front just provide good directions so we dont look lost trying to find elevators or how to avoid the front desk. I would have appreciated your thoughtfulness and cander about the circumstances for the appointment time. I would be careful with this as others might see it as flakey. You have to look at the relationship with that person. In general i would agree with Kandi just make the appointment for the time you can fully commit to. Yes you may loose that appointment but they may find a better time. Your date may not always have the time to be flexible and even if they they may hate waiting in a parking lot as much i do. Also if something goes wrong you dont make someone mad over something that was out of your control. As stealthmvr mentioned it seems regardless if you do everything right people dont always respect each others time. We see these cycles off and on and i am sorry you are experiencing this but sometime you just have to keep pushing through with a smile.
  15. Out of Action

    Jr i wish you the best