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  1. Stood up too many times

    It suck so If you are not having fun then what is the point.
  2. Stood up too many times

    Sometimes you just go through a round of bad luck. This should not happen with reputable providers but as you stated life happens and it is a bummer when it does happen. I went through a spell where things were agreed on and did not happen and it is a major downer and you doubt yourself. If I wanted that disappointment I would go back to real life dating. But if you look at what you are doing how you are approaching things it generally comes back around. If you are truly get ncns (meaning you had a set appointment) and they just ghosted you and you have tried contacting them to find out why and they are still ghosting you and there was honestly nothing on your end that would have caused red flags for them to ghost you then a truthful and proper review is warranted. But make sure that they have had every chance to make it right. Again life happens. Some one canceling could be lots of things. At least they contacted you and let you know and hopefully you had a plan B in place or were able to come up with one and it was not Rosie Palm. Take a close look at how these interactions were and adjust them in a positive manner and you could be surprised. My last outing has just been fantastic.
  3. 411 on SamanthaSex

    I did not see any tineye or google images come up and her phone number did not bring up anything either. However, She is in Lakewood. That area was not hobby friendly. I remember when I started I was warned to stay out of Lakewood unless you knew the girl. But wow she is some looker.
  4. 2 profiles?

    Was it two profiles or two listing. I have noticed women will have listing in different cities and if you have "Colorado all" you will see their listing in both cities.
  5. Connecting

    Each lady is different some will post their preferred contact method in their listing. My method when contact a new lady I send both a pm and a text. That way the can verify with whom they are conversing. I have found that many woman do not use the PM's
  6. Saying hi!

    Welcome back PETITEHANNA it is too bad you lost all your info from before hopefully you will get everything updated soon. Enjoy and be safe j
  7. 411 on Angel Eyez

    According to the link you have posted there are 11 positive reviews with a couple of them in the past week. General protocol would be to contact one of the reviewers to find out their experience. Also If you take a moment and read the post rules you will probably get more appropriate responses. Welcome to the board and as you spend more time here you will figure out how it works. j
  8. Broomfield/Westminster Men

    I tend to forget about the events until it is too late. DTC ends up being between 45min or 1hr depending on their location and basic traffic. If they are on the south end It is a solid hour with no traffic to get home. I try to schedule while I am in Denver and typically during the day just to make the drive easier.
  9. Undressing

    I like unwrapping my own presents thank you. That is unless the YL is going to do a striptease with a lap dance.
  10. 411 on Camile_Carerra

    Thanks guys I was trying to see her the last couple of days but I could not get the info I was looking for and possibly made her mad or least frustrated her. She did reply with she had two friends for references but I had not seen or talked with either one. Synoches sent you a pm.
  11. 411 on Dallas Brixx

    Nocogeezer,, No worries. My mind went to may she was visiting in Europe and who knows did a trade for some pics. But the question provides a direct line for her to say yeah they are not me or flat out lie. Either way you can make a decision.
  12. Broomfield/Westminster Men

    I can say I appreciate it at it when we get a quality provider on the north side of town. I understand why they are south but that drive sucks rocks.
  13. P411 Jayden

    Lurk, Something to keep in mind not everyone has p411. By doing a search I was able to find Her p411 is the same link but please verify that is the same girl. If it is you notice she has 11 reviews including one from me. If you have further questions beyond what is posted you are more than welcome to pm me.
  14. SESTA/FOSTA Backfires on LE

    Another "Feel good law" that goes wrong. Sex trafficking is horrible as no one should be forced into this biz. It should be a clear choice for all parties.
  15. 411 on Dallas Brixx

    It is so obvious once you point it out. I guess that would be a qualifying question if she was still around to ask. Where do you like to visit while you are in Europe?