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  1. The new protocol?

    Thank you all for all the great advice. I wasn't fully aware of what was happening to TOB. Trying to remember the author of the quote, " Tout le monde change"...everything changes, and it does moment by moment. Serenity, love and wisdom to all. Thanks
  2. The new protocol?

    so with minimum reviews, is it appropriate to contact a provider and ask about services? I have always been under the impression that asking speciifcs was a major faux pas...how can I know what I can expect?
  3. Home Alone

    Hi, In Atlanta and would love some company. Anyone here?
  4. Summer Travel

    Any providers travelling along USHwy 160 in southern CO, contact me if you'd like a pit stop.
  5. A Cautionary Tale

    Well,..wasn't that interesting! Nothing like a little drama to keep life exciting!
  6. Strange checking of profiles

    I need to correct one thing,..the article I saw online was from 2013. I did not notice that initially; Oxymoron qued me on that aspect. The un-initiated check on my account is correct.
  7. Strange checking of profiles

    Anyone else have a p411 account reviewed by a provider that you don't know, or haven't heard of, and can't find in the p411 database? Makes me wonder if it is related to the recent busts in Denver.
  8. What do you make of this one?

    Maybe her boyfriend showed up and she had to change plans? Don't take it personally, shit happens.
  9. Travel

    Providers that might go through south central CO,...pm me. Thanks
  10. Aroma

    If I won't eat it, I won't fuck it!
  11. Should I lose my virginity to a provider?

    Now that's an attitude I can go with!
  12. A new WTF moment for me

    why the lights out?
  13. Paymen - Before or After

    Envelope, in clear sight. Have never had any provider look at it or pick it up until afterwards. Its a trust thing,..SOP
  14. Weekend

    Anyone passing through south-central Colorado this weekend?
  15. Economic Indicator - Increase in Rates

    too many expectations...