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  1. I was wondering the same,..and the link worked for me...
  2. New Mexico Companion Anyone have any information on Becky Rose in NM? https://tryst.link/escort/rose505
  3. More Funnies

    Difference between a microwave and anal sex?....a microwave doesn't brown your meat...
  4. Poll: Slutty look or Classy sexy look

    I like the look that likes me!
  5. Strangest experience, provider, client you've had?

    was that "Pink Flamingos"?
  6. Is it acceptable to ask that any providers traveling or visiting along US 285 or US 160 in south central Colorado contact me for possible rendezvous?
  7. Verification Sites

    I use that as well,..I was referring to like..safedate,..sites like that?
  8. So in trying to find new, accommodating friends, not my regular go-to girls, the request to go to a verification site always seems to be a factor. Are any of these verification sites valid, and can be used safely, or are they all scams. Interested in others experiences.
  9. Deprivation Tank

    Well son of a bitch,...I thought it was just me,..the loud cicadas. Thanks bit banger,...
  10. CosPlay

  11. Yes Backpage

    Thanks folks! Just as I thought...
  12. When is it enough???

    I'd drop him,..unless he is compensating to make the agro worthwhile
  13. Try the same in a town of less than 12k,..I always have to travel out of town,..and as others have said, the deposit is the new cash & dash..