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    Call me crazy, and I might be, but this beautiful woman is, IMHO, the perfect one to teach about sex and sexuality, no matter what one's age. Beyond all the shock and indignation, how many husbands (or wives) may have paid her a visit on the sly? Her husband supports what she does and both seem to be solid members (no pun intended) of the community.


  2. 55 minutes ago, sweetmoment said:

    Interesting DayUse website. Looking at the website, at first glance It only seems to serve five major cities, but when I hypothetically typed "Denver" for an arbitrary day, it list6ed six options.

    Five options in Colorado Springs.


  3. 10 hours ago, JoDoe27 said:

    It’s a weird combo of both hourly and daily. At least that’s what I gathered. So the upside with DayUse is it gives way more flexibility on the checkin where normal check in is generally 3pm. I’ve seen 9am and earlier as well as later in the afternoons going into the night. 

    For me it’s just easier and quicker than an Airbnb. 

    Yes, a cursory check of Dayuse shows the ability to choose time parameters for different parts of the day. Pretty handy and thanks for the tip.


  4. I didn't know this was a thing, being able to rent a hotel room for the day. Call me naive and inexperienced, 'cause I am. Do any of you wonderful people have any experience with this? Anything you care to share (PM is fine)? This looks like a pretty cool deal for outcalls or that old friend who wants to spend some time alone.


  5. In this New Year, I spent a little time at to see what TOB looked like when I joined in 2007.  Wow, what a memory jolt!  There wasn't much more than a capture of the old site, not much by way of logging in or interacting, but still.  How far this site has come.

    Best wishes to all and a Happy 2022. 


  6. Excellent topic.  With one provider, I disrobed, then stepped into the bathroom for a few minutes.  When I returned, I noticed my wallet poking halfway out of my pants pocket.  I'm not saying she did anything.  The wallet may have slipped out when I was folding the pants.  Still, no matter where I go, be it a first-time encounter or a regular (these days, I'm happy with a regular FBSM provider), I bring the donation only.  Saves having to worry, and you won't accidentally leave anything behind.


  7. I miss BP for the local FBSM providers.  I agree that BP had more than it's share of scams, but proper research does a lot to prevent getting ripped off.  Due diligence, mon freres.


  8. Yep, it reminds me of the only flaw in an otherwise pleasant experience I had years ago.  I don't expect perfect teeth, body, or anything, just "normal" - which means the same as someone you would meet outside of this hobby.  I know dental care is expensive, but please...


  9. Yep, back in 2007, after I found TOB.  Researched and researched, then did more research.  Hem-hawed around and finally took the plunge with a well-reviewed provider who didn't ask for references.  As I still do, treated it as an appointment with a therapist (which it was).  After she satisfied herself I wasn't Uncle Leo, the fun began.


  10. 22 minutes ago, Melissa Sterling said:

    I just love it when Back page pooners come on here and whine!

    Look dude, here on TOB you’re looking at ladies who run this like the business it is. We invest a lot of time and money into this business so that the respectful gentlemen get the best quality of service and time spent. To ensure that business is run smoothly, we like to make sure certain things don’t get in our way.

    here’s my personal reasons for screening...

    1. I hate silver bracelets, especially the ones that need a key to take off!!! 

    2. I need to make sure I’m not letting a person who is going to hurt me in the door, thus causing my business to suffer. 

    If guys don’t want to be screened, too effing bad!!! You’re dealing with the big leagues now! There’s rules to every game, so either learn them, and stop whining, or take your blankie and go home! 

    "Backpage pooners"...LOL!!!  Excellent.


  11. For 10+ years as an occasional hobbyist, I've never had a problem setting up an appointment, and scratch my head when I see these "nobody will see me" posts.  I joined TOB in '07, saw a well-known provider who didn't screen, then left a review.  From there, I've always solicited appointments mentioning my TOB affiliation, and it has seemed to work.  I do know at least one provider communicated with another provider I reviewed on TOB and I applaud that.  Also, I see this as a business transaction, which it is.  I'm not looking for love or permanent companionship by any means.  I set up and treat each meeting like I would an appointment with a therapist, which it is.  My 2 cents worth.