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  1. Recommendations for submissive Colorado provider

    My first ASP was Brandi (sub). At the end of the visit, she started talking the dom/sub thing. I never reconnected with her to find out more, then she went off the radar. Good luck in your search. Why do I think you shouldn't have any issues finding what you seek after an introductory visit?
  2. Aroma

    I can't handle "aroma" like I could as a lad, but I agree...there's a nice, "fresh" taste that develops after a good, thorough licking. That's the Holy Grail for me.
  3. The Year of The Bearded Man

    I've had a mostly-trimmed beard since 1993 and it's not going anywhere, especially with my sagging jowls
  4. Why does everyone love daty?

    My world would be much sadder without DATY. I don't care what's been inside her, as long as she's clean and ready.
  5. Nosey neighbors

    Outcall = no fucking way.
  6. Different Body Types

    Yup. That's why when I see a full-bodied lady with a big butt and full breasts, the ol' reptilian part of my brain says, "Time to plant that seed".
  7. Biggest pecker......

    To understand what it's like to have a huge schlong (for those of us in the average category), wear a strap-on. It was frustrating to have to "pull my punches" with a non-escort friend. More satisfying to give it full force without worry of inflicting injury.
  8. Different Body Types

    As I draw nearer to "fiftysomething" instead of "fortysomething", the ones that do it most for me are buxom girls-next-door and horny MILF-types, maybe even an accommodating, well-proportioned granny. But in the end, if the chemistry melds, that's all that matters, eh?
  9. imagine if it were legalized

    [snip - forbidden topic] I see the same for escorts. They DO provide vital therapy, don't they?
  10. Asian Massage Parlor

    You should at least get a HJ on the first visit. "What else you want?" was what I heard my first time. IMHO, once they figure out you're not LE or some freak, things relax. Second visit, if you like the place, you dispense with "formalities". My 2 cents.
  11. P411 on COS massage provider

    That's plenty for me. Thanks!
  12. P411 on COS massage provider

    Hmmm...this lady's on my eventual "bucket list" as well. I would appreciate a PM, too, if you're so inclined. Many gracias.
  13. Happy Birthday, Melissa Sterling!

    A very happy and joyous birthday, sexy woman!
  14. Guys. Does Intellect Matter...

    Conversational skills are nice, but I'm not expecting a deep discussion on Existentialism. Sexual prowess and intellect are not always connected, IMHO.
  15. An Interesting Thing Happened On The Way To An Appointment

    Yeah, I woulda been outta there in a heartbeat.
  16. As for the classics, "A Tale of Two Titties."
  17. Outcall Horror Stories?

    Yeah, outcall is on my "never in a mEElion fucking years" list. The snoop sisters next door and bored, elderly people across the street.
  18. Yeah, that first one. Get that ice cream out of the way and let me get at what's behind it.
  19. Eating pussy = Cancer!!!! WTF????

    Sorry. Cunnilingus is one of the top ten joys of life, IMHO. I'll just take my chances.
  20. What was your inspiration to start this hobby?

    You get to a point in life where you think of what you haven't done instead of your achievements. I was curious about the workings of "the biz" and wanted to try something different. So far, all my experiences have been pretty good. And I echo the sentiment that it's a great form of therapy. Nothing like good sex to hit the reset button and get you back on the right track. Now if I could only claim it on my health insurance!
  21. International clitoris awareness week..

    Ah, the little man in the boat. Part of what makes life worth living.
  22. saving "one" for the wife on Fridays

    May be bogus, but I read that it takes a man 3 days to build up a full supply, and 3 ejaculations to use it all. Hmmm...
  23. 411 on Roxy in CS?

    Googled her phone number and didn't turn up much, so here goes: I'm usually happier with providers/AMPs at least in their thirties, but this one intrigues me. Cute. TGTBT?
  24. 411 on Roxy in CS?

    You guys are the tops! Thanks! Figured this gal was too good to be true. Scratching her off the list.
  25. Verification?

    Now you guys have me curious as to what the evil spectre of being a TOB member is? I've never really had any issues with arranging time with a lady, and it certainly wasn't due to my suave demeanor or good looks. Still not convinced that me or anyone else needs P411, but to each their own. I'm sure P411 serves its purpose.