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  1. Favorite part of the holidays?

    Walking the grounds of the Broadmoor Hotel, hoping it's a white Christmas. It's become a tradition with my family to visit whatever massive gingerbread creation they come up. I also love the decorations and such.
  2. I remember as a teenager blowing them up like a balloon just to see how large they would get before they popped. FYI, very large. Try it. I know you want to.
  3. Experience machine

  4. Best Commercial Ever??

    Gonna necro. Here's a couple of my faves:
  5. Deprivation Tank

    I would love to try it. I'm a high-functioning introvert - I'm quite comfortable alone with my thoughts.
  6. Favorite holiday song

    I've always enjoyed this one by The Waitresses: On the other end of the spectrum, if you're feeling a little melancholy:
  7. Snowmageddon

    "Bomb Cyclone". "Polar Vortex". Sheesh. Sounds like clickbait. They would have used "Nuclear Winter" but that was already taken.
  8. ...when fewer and fewer people can identify my avatar.
  9. Subliminal messaging! Good find! Now I find myself in a dilemma: if I'm attracted to The Wasp, does that make me gay?
  10. If hotel rooms could talk

    I love this. It's a close second to my favorite, shower sex. You can pretend to be an exhibitionist when you really aren't if your room is darker than outside. Excellent view(s). Getting hot just thinking about it. Whew. I feel for this fellow. The most relevant part of the article: “From this hotel room, you cannot see people going about their business inside the concourse,” Silverman wrote. “The concourse windows are tinted green and are opaque and reflective. It’s like looking at a green wall or a green mirror.” But the same is not true for those inside the main terminal, Silverman found. “From inside the concourse, at that time of the morning, unbeknownst to my client, you can see into the rooms..." Oops.
  11. Driving in the Snow

    From AAA: Accelerate and decelerate slowly. ... Drive slowly. ... The normal dry pavement following distance of three to four seconds should be increased to eight to ten seconds. ... Know your brakes. ... Don't stop if you can avoid it. ... Don't power up hills. ... Don't stop going up a hill. ... Stay home. I hope you get the opportunity to enjoy the snow!
  12. This is some sick advice

    When I get the crud I can't seem to shake after a couple of weeks and if a sore throat is involved, I just head down to my local pet supply store and pick up some Fish Mox. It's amoxicillin, a wide-spectrum antibiotic frequently prescribed by physicians. A dosage of 500mg in the morning and another in the evening over the course of a week works wonders for me. Sure, I could go to the doctor as I have frequently done in the past where they would say, "Drink plenty of clear liquids, get lots of rest, and hey, here's a scrip for amoxicillin." I just cut out the middleman. I'm on day 3 of the regimen and feeling fine. On another note, glad the board is still here.
  13. Sorry to rain on your parade, but I just read this today: http://money.cnn.com/2018/02/14/technology/huawei-intelligence-chiefs/ tl/dr: ZTE phones are not secure.
  14. RIP Gomer Pyle

    This one?