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  1. Interesting. Looks like Britni changed her preferences a bit since that ad does seem to be her. I think it's awesome she gives a discount to her preference. I totally spaced on Octavia. I really thought the best of Octavia... her and Cindy Moore were just fun! I also liked Jennifer a lot (Alicia's sister). Never met Creamy. I remember pass around girl too (that was what she advertised herself as). I always wondered what a trip the artist must of had when he/she tattooed "For Deposit Only". I know it sounds weird but I always found that tattoo strangely provocative, though I admit never actually deciding to go see her. Probably for the best. Man time flies. This place has changed a lot since.
  2. Do any of you remember her? I'm sure there's at least a few that do... Anyways, I stumbled upon this gem by sheer chance and thought I'd share it in case any of you remember her sessions, or her doubles with Dynamite circa 2001. That's it, have a great one.