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  1. Members you miss

    My first experience was with Octavia. Hot tub and hand job
  2. RIP: Paper Tiger/Club X

    Couple of memories of aloha beach. A girl with a large test tube and flashlight. You can figure out where the test tube went. She would hand you the light to shine down the tube. Another dancer put a stack of quarters on the floor and picked them up with her vagina. This was probably forty years ago
  3. Be safe

    Have guys backed off of seeing ladies because of concerns with virus? Have ladies created new screening criteria to mitigate virus risk?
  4. Anyone Look Into These Two?

    I contacted her intrigued by the idea of 2 for 1. I wanted outcall and she resisted but sent me a picture of her condo near City Park. Too many things felt weird and unreal so I dropped out. Glad I took a pass.
  5. Who would you bring back?

    Going way back-Sweet Caroline. I got addicted to Daisy Bless. Jae Sinclair over and over again
  6. DFK and ATF's

    Kissing is the greatest aphrodisiac. If a girl won't kis,s the session is lost as far as I am concerned.