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  1. 411 Katie 47

    I have requested a certain thing from her before however she politely said no that it wasn't on her menu, although I was disappointed I feel she is legit otherwise she would have said sure come on over...just my .02
  2. KimmiKalil

    I googled her number and it came back with several links 90% of them directed you to adult friend finder, however 1 link went to a black chick with the same phone number from a few months I'm passing on this one which is too bad
  3. Anyone seen this gal?

    yeah I saw her twice about a year and a half ago, first time was good, second time was ok yet she was either high or flustered the second time that is the reason there was not a 3rd time, works out of a cheap hotel , [Snip}
  4. Kristy. Anyone see her? Real? 214 545-2910

    those are different picks it looks like to me, same number but different girl, if she's real I'm sooo there!
  5. 411 on Dash on BP from Pueblo?

    oh man my mistake I found reviews, peace
  6. 411 on Dash on BP from Pueblo?

    Hi newish to this but does anyone know anything about this babe?