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  1. What's up with references?

    I'm only assuming that the original post is regarding me in some way. I'm only here to state the facts as I experienced them. I tend to step back from any type of drama infused situations, so this is extremely hard for me. Yes, we met and had a wonderful time together. Within the month, he did call me again for another time to play. Unfortunately, I did not have time to "fit him in" that day. Soon after I told him that I was busy that day, I was notified of the unfavorable review. Confusion set in. Why would he call for another time to play if I'm not his type? I was away for a week (which was noted in all of my ads). This happened to be the time in which the OP texted me requesting a reference from me. I discovered his text when I returned. My reply was this, "Yes, and I do recall you wanting to visit again." I never asked him to come see me. I only stated that, "I do recall". He twisted my words "I do recall" into "When are you coming to see me". Those words were never spoken has he stated in this thread. Thank you for the opportunity to share what actually happened.