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  1. Audrey Skye Eros

    The backgrounds appear to be identical to those that appear in these other lady's ads on Eros: and: and others found elsewhere.
  2. Rose Gardner | Rose Alexis | Allison Amore - Banned

    Well, that didn't take long: Note the distinctive shape of her lips and chin. Note the small freckle along her left jaw line. The photoshopped spiral graphic hides Ms Gardner's/Amore's tattoo on her abdomen, as it is also distinctive. I hope I am wrong.
  3. Pre-emptive 411 on Biancaluvsd - Fake

    Bianca 720-623-3247 Colorado Companion Didn't find anything on Bianca's local phone number (720-623-3247), but Google Images turned up multiple names, phone numbers, email addresses, and locations. At the same time that these pics (all of them) were being used in Denver, they were also being used in Florida, all over Australia, and London, so I doubt that the woman in the pics will be the woman behind the door. Posts at the same time as Khloeeeeee69.
  4. Pre-emptive 411 on Kloeeeeee

    Khloeeeee 720-590-7269 Colorado Companion Khloeeeeee69 @ 720-590-7269 and/or 720-590-8100 Previous pics were quite different, or so I thought I recalled. And they were: Same name but different number, and pics from at least 3 different women in various parts of the country. Always posts at the same time with Bianca __________
  5. skipthegames info

    None Colorado Companion This may be information that everyone here already knows, but just in case: 1.[]=Boulder.WBU&area[]=Colorado-Springs.COS&area[]=Denver.DEN&area[]=Fort-Collins.FNL&area[]=Pueblo.PUB&area[]=Rockies.ROK&area[]=Western-Slope.WSL&client[]=men&layout=gallery&search_category=female-escorts&heightType=f&weightType=l&p=1&td=08%3A00%3A00 2. Better than 50% of the ads on are 100% bogus. There are some legitimate ladies on the site, but few and far between. for example: This scammer must be posting these same pics and number in at least a half dozen different locations all around the country today.. 3. Become familiar with Almost all of these scammers post on, and they are nothing but self-service. You may recognize a few who post on TOB too. If they appear under TOB listings, they should let you know in the ad that they work for Denver Ladies as a fair warning. 4. If you use the Skipthegames home page to navigate to other cities and states, you will see the same pics and numbers just about everyplace you look. See for yourself. I posted this as it seems that more and more of the p411s here involve ladies found on that site.
  6. Pre-emptive 411 on Miracle -Banned

    Miracle 385-985-1633 Colorado Companion Miracle @ 385-985-1633 and Miracles do happen, but not today. Pics are of Allison Parker, online nude model and part-time porn actress
  7. 411 on Snow Bunny

    Google didn't turn up anything on her phone number. Google didn't turn up anything regarding her email address. None of the 7 pictures produced anything on Tineye. None of the 7 pictures produced anything on Google Images. Search here on TOB didn't turn up anything either. Perhaps one of the research experts can take it from here.
  8. Preemptive 411:: Rubyredxoxo - Fake

    And now, May'Leah:
  9. Info on LilyLove (503) 462-9144

    AKA Vanessa Rose Eccie has one "Yes" review, and one "No" review: TNA has a single one-star review out of five (could be a no-show): Erotic Monkey has a very disparaging short review: Sipsap has a one-word comment:
  10. Preemptive Morgan Ann 411

    Thanks, everyone, for the additional research that went into this!
  11. Preemptive Morgan Ann 411

    Morgan Ann 970-315-8367 Colorado Companion Morgan Ann @ 970-315-8367 Fairly certain that she has been, until tonight, a brunette with a very different face for months now, only because I have been meaning to call her, but cannot find the time. Perhaps the Mods can pull up a cached ad to check. Regardless, I also found this: Same number and name (Morgan), but very different face. Suspect that the pics are all stolen. Also: Morgan Ann's ad ALWAYS runs just after Meganmuffin720's ad (720-599-8987) and Taytayalwayshigh720's ad (720-399-8530 ) and Elizamaine720's ad (303-219-2873). Megan's pics have all been changed out, but I remember a very different body type in previous photos. Again, perhaps the Mods can pull up a cached ad to check. Also: Same name and number (Tay Tay), but the following link shows a very different lady. Also suspect stolen pics. Also: Nothing concrete, but Eliza has already raised some suspicion. I could be very wrong about a few of my suspicions, but just the fact that they all post at the same time, no reviews, differing pics in different ads, and some obvious stolen pics makes me think that a little more sleuthing here could help everyone. Any extra effort by TOB members would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Porn star Kenzie Kellie is local gal I like how the guy asks her if she is on birth control after the creampie.
  13. 411 on kk

    Thank you, Rick, for catching that, and thanks to mountainrider too.
  14. 411 on kk

    kk, kat, or kitii 719-494-7312 Colorado Companion The lady goes by kk, kat, and kitii Phone number is 719-494-7312 Nothing on Tineye. I would check Google Images, but for whatever reason, it no longer works on my computer. Nothing on her current number when I Google it, except a private business. When I Google that business, it has a different number, so perhaps the business retired an old number that kk is now using. I originally spotted kk a number of months ago, when she had a different number, and that old number didn't raise any redflags either. Nothing on TOB. Maybe the pros, here, can find something that I'm missing. Thanks
  15. Fake images:: Favi Ave

    SicilyXoxo and Fave Avi 720-827-5580 Colorado Companion SicilyXoxo and Fave Avi 720-827-5580 and 929-332-8737 and Someone else can Google and Tineye their phone numbers and pics, but the same pics are being used by ladies using totally different profiles. Names, Contact Information, and Stats vary from a little to a lot. I'm not even sure that, in Sicily's profile, the pics are of the same lady.