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  1. 411 on Jessyjinx from Switter

    What balls. There have been several scam artists using the pics and identity of porn stars. Elsa Jean, Brooke Tyler, and Ava Nicks come to mind, but there were others. .
  2. Lina on Eros 411?

    Googling the phone number does not produce any leads. Googling the email address led to two of the pics shown on Eros. Google Imaging those two pics unfortunately doesn't produce any leads either.
  3. Molly Taylor from Eros

    Background of several of the pics looks like the huge flower farms of Holland.
  4. 44 year old on SKG

    Saw this ad in June and ran the usual reverse image search. Contacted Brooke Tyler via email directly off her website. She does escort out of Orlando or Ft Myers if I remember correctly, and she was more than a little pissed that her pics were being used all over the country. No plans for a tour. Sorry.
  5. Madeline on SkipTheGames

    Madeline 970-460-6873 Colorado Companion Madeline at 970-460-6873 First time that I've seen her on STG. None of her three pics brought up anything on Google Images. Her phone number didn't bring up anything on Google. Her phone number didn't bring up anything on TOB. If anyone can dig deeper on this, it will be the super sleuths on TOB. Thanks in advance. M&G
  6. STG Uber petite 4’6

    Thanks for the review!
  7. 411 on Ava Nicks

    Never mind. I found her website and contact email. She's not in the US at the moment, and won't be for a long while.
  8. 411 on Ava Nicks

    Ava Nicks 410-629-2961 Colorado Companion Ava Nicks at 410-629-2961 Years ago, she was a popular Playmate known as Anastasia Christen. She escorted out of Canada as Ava Dawn. She went on to do some porn as Ava Nicks. And yes, I know that scammers use the pics of Playmates. However, it would be odd to steal her pics and stage name too. My research came across several social media sites with her name and pics, and these: Any additional assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Pre-emptive 411 - Brooke Tyler on STG

    Megan 838-500-0035 Colorado Companion Megan at 838-500-0035 Total fake. I was lucky enough to see Brooke Tyler several times several years ago while on business trips to Florida, where she lives. Imagine how happy I was when I saw her advertising in Denver. I contacted her through her real email address, only to find out that her pics are being used everywhere in the US. Unfortunately, she has no plans to visit us any time soon. If you Google "Brooke Tyler", you will see who I'm talking about. JR certainly does. Stay safe. Thanks to the Mods for permitting pre-emptives.
  10. 411 on Lucy-8088

    Maybe someone could explain to me how they managed to pull up a backpage ad like the Op included. Please use small words, and be gentle.
  11. Escorts Affair

    The vocabulary and piss-poor grammar is straight out of the typical STG ad. Surprised they don't list their weight in kilograms, and height in meters/centimeters.
  12. A few girls dipped or gone ... any info appreciated

    SD, If "S Tennessee" stands for Sadie, then she has returned to Knoxville, her hometown. Some idiots here started some drama about how she was disgusted by her more mature clientele, and how she may be a blackmailer. Total BS on both counts. Sadie always welcomed me (I'm in my 60's), called me to see if I would pay a visit, and never tried to hustle me. She went back home to take a break from the Denver drama, was planning on a big return, and then Covid-19 happened. She said that she'll be back, but it may be awhile. Hope that helps. Does "R Monroe" happen to stand for Farrah Monroe?
  13. STG Girls

    It Doesn't Matter Colorado Companion How many Skip The Games "providers" can you spot on this one site?
  14. 411 on Heidi

    Heidi Jay @ 719-924-5655 Today's Ad: Did anyone ever TOFTT with Heidi? Didn't see on DL's latest roster, and didn't see any reviews here on TOB.
  15. First of a kind Ad for me

    Sorry if this offends, but the girl in the pics isn't 161 lbs. Maybe 121 soaking wet. Also, she might want to take greek and cim off the menu, if pregnancy is the goal.