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  1. Porn star Kenzie Kellie is local gal I like how the guy asks her if she is on birth control after the creampie.
  2. 411 on kk

    Thank you, Rick, for catching that, and thanks to mountainrider too.
  3. 411 on kk

    kk, kat, or kitii 719-494-7312 Colorado Companion The lady goes by kk, kat, and kitii Phone number is 719-494-7312 Nothing on Tineye. I would check Google Images, but for whatever reason, it no longer works on my computer. Nothing on her current number when I Google it, except a private business. When I Google that business, it has a different number, so perhaps the business retired an old number that kk is now using. I originally spotted kk a number of months ago, when she had a different number, and that old number didn't raise any redflags either. Nothing on TOB. Maybe the pros, here, can find something that I'm missing. Thanks
  4. Fake images:: Favi Ave

    SicilyXoxo and Fave Avi 720-827-5580 Colorado Companion SicilyXoxo and Fave Avi 720-827-5580 and 929-332-8737 and Someone else can Google and Tineye their phone numbers and pics, but the same pics are being used by ladies using totally different profiles. Names, Contact Information, and Stats vary from a little to a lot. I'm not even sure that, in Sicily's profile, the pics are of the same lady.

    Before you go to skipthegames, anywhere in Colorado, check out first, and save yourself some time. Self service at most.
  6. 411 on Angieluv

    If you click on the link that you provided, you will find two less-than-stellar reviews here on TOB. Truth is, I've been thinking about seeing her too. Just waiting for a better review.
  7. The "Poop Knife"

    Have to wonder what compelled 2BIG to Google "poop knife" in the first place.
  8. 411 on Holly

    You're right. I should have bothered. Thanks.
  9. 411 on Holly

    Holly 720-605-1236 Colorado Companion Holly @ 720-605-1236 Nothing on TOB Nothing on Google Images or Tineye Googling the phone number brings up another YL who is a dark brunette. Maybe travelling together. Has anyone seen her, or can anyone provide any further information? Much appreciated. M&G
  10. 411 on Lovely Lily

    Maybe this is what is going on here:
  11. 411 on Lovely Lily

    I'm certain that there was a 411 on her either late last year, or early this year, but I was unable to find it. Different name and number if I recall. Was not good.
  12. 411 on Lovely Lily

    You mean this "lady"?
  13. 411 on Lovely Lily

    Is this the YL that you are referring to: Lily @ 720-464-7905 Another BP refugee. Tineye/Google Images checks out Phone number only leads to other local ads, but she had another number: 720-669-5524 Hope that helps
  14. Freya Fawn

    I would ask other photographers on this site what style these pics are reminiscent of. To me, they are 70's and 80's Eastern European.
  15. 411 on Angel Eyez

    Word of warning regarding While there are legit ladies posting there, numerous scam artists who used to appear regularly on BP are now posting there as well, fake pics and all. Phishing is rampant on STG - if they only supply an email account, do your homework first. 1. Google their phone number and/or email. 2. Google image ALL of their pics. 3. Tineye ALL of their pics (you will get different results between Google and Tineye) 4. Check for reviews on TOB 5. Run their name/phone number/email through TOB's search function. 6. Ask for a verification photo from the provider