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  1. Any info on this hottie?

    What JR said. While a lot of these links are dead, It still has all the phone numbers and names, and some pics.
  2. 411 on the Hairy Hippie Girl

    Sorry for the ambiguity, Happycamper. I only meant that I found nothing incriminating. Sent her a couple of texts, but no response so far.
  3. 411 on the Hairy Hippie Girl

    Natalie 720-619-0655 Colorado Escort Natalie @ 720-619-0655 Nothing on Google, Tineye, Google Images, or TOB. At least that I could find. Has anyone seen her yet? Very interested.
  4. Any info on Ashley @ Divine Envy Massage in Pueblo

    Hope you don't mind if I piggyback on your post, Bodyman0x. Would love to learn more about Ashley myself, and Nichole, who only appears in their ads once in a while.
  5. 411 on Lilly

    Lilly 505-273-9405 Colorado Escort Lilly on Backpage Phone Number 505-273-9405 Nothing on Google, Google Images, Tineye, TOB The only thing that I did discover are some other phone numbers 580-447-0175 and 817-406-5565, but there were no red flags on either, just better pics. Thanks!
  6. Emma on CityVibe?

    Jessie, CityVibe may be reliable in some areas, but over the years, CV in Denver has been mostly a scam site for fakes.
  7. Emma on CityVibe?

    Emma 720-506-3296 Colorado Escort Emma @ 720-506-3296 Nothing on Google, Google Images, Tineye, and nothing on this site. Too bad she is located in Lakewood, but if anyone know anything about her, that would be great. Thanks in advance
  8. 411 on Jenna-0031

    What a coincidence. Just returned from Orlando:н-ʀ-ყου-genuine-and-sweet/43374987 No name, but phone number down there was: 321-244-8271 I guess she could be travelling, but more likely stolen pics.
  9. 411 on Jenna-0031

    Nada on Tineye, JR.
  10. 411 on Jenna-0031

    Jenna 303-585-0031 Colorado Escort Jenna at 303-585-0031 Has posted once on BP. Nothing on Google or GoogleImages. Nothing here either. Thanks in advance.
  11. Has anyone seen either one?

    I have noticed the same. Last week, this duo appeared, and I was curious about the redhead:εn-lεmαηs-cho-cε-on-dos-and-youll-b-addicted/46423132 Wendy @ 720-899-7867 and call Mia @ 505-365-9226 When I texted Wendy to let her know that she was revealing her real-life identity in her Instagram link, she simply responded "Thank you", and kept on posting the same indiscrete link. If blowing her cover is okay, then I suspect that they are either working a scam, phishing, or LE Could be wrong.
  12. Sensual Christi using Stolen Pics

    Review by LikesToPlay now up. About what we expected. What can be done to keep her off this site?
  13. Sensual Christi using Stolen Pics

    Christi Colorado Escort SENSUALCHRISTI@GMAIL.COM I am 99% sure that her pics are stolen from an online nude model named Melissa Midwest. Google Images:
  14. I got a text

    This has happened to me twice in the past year or so, and from the same "provider" and number. If you search "Ana" in the 411 forum, you will find my post on this matter. Both times, "Ana" claimed to know me well and was very familiar and casual with how to communicate with me. When I made clear that I did not know her, she texted pics of a very attractive YL to refresh my memory. Still didn't know her, and that is something I don't forget. She wanted to get together for a session in Lakewood, and that is when I ceased responding. I have only ever been familiar with one provider in Lakewood, and she disappeared around the same time that the first call from "Ana" came. I won't make any assumptions for you, but take from my story what you will.
  15. 411 on BP's Alexis

    Alexis 408-290-6274 Colorado Escort Alexis @ 408-290-6274 Found several other pics online, but nothing that registered on Tineye or Google Images. Nothing that raised concern anyways. Nothing of substance on Google or here for her phone number. Has anyone seen her? Any information would be welcome before I TOFTT.