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  1. Lexi the Librarian

    Lexi the Librarian at 719-377-3341 All my research points back to the original poster, Lexi. Has anyone had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady? Thanks, M&G
  2. 411 on Sasha

    Sasha recently posted ads with two different phone numbers, neither of which led to any new or useful information on Google: 720-778-0755 323-375-0715
  3. 411 on Sasha

    Sasha 303-647-1161 Colorado Companion Nothing on Google regarding her phone number. Nothing on Google Images regarding her three pics. Nothing on TOB. Sasha @303-647-1161 My lack of results usually means that the expert sleuths here will uncover something. Her ads reek of Denver Ladies, but I didn't see her in their lineup today. Thanks in advance.
  4. Rethinking SESTA/FOSTA

    Saw this online this morning, and can't think of a single reason not to sign it: Everyone was warned about the unintended consequences of this "moral" law, and righteous lawmakers refused to listen. SESTA/FOSTA has been a disaster for sex workers, but the true disaster has been for LE. Many in LE have told me that they used to just go to BP to find trafficking; and now it is much more difficult.
  6. 411 on Abby

    Her "Accepted Payment Methods" include "cash".
  7. 411 on Sadie

    Thank you to those who PMed me.
  8. 411 on Sadie

    Sadie 720-745-6105 Colorado Companion Sadie at 720-745-6105 Nothing that I could find by googling her phone number. Nothing that I could find on Google Images, except the derriere shot with the grey panties was found on a reddit site from a year ago. Nothing that I could find on TOB Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If Sadie turns out to be legit, there will be a fast review. Thanks in advance.
  9. Savana

    Savana 646-651-0713 Colorado Companion Savana 646-651-0713 No real red flags for the phone number on Google. Most everything leads back to an agency I've never worked with. Nothing on TOB I ran a majority of the photos through Google Images, and they only led back to the agency too. A few made reference to reviews on a site where I don't have membership. Any assistance from the experts here would certainly be welcome. M&G
  10. 411 on Gabriel from Eros

    These days, Denver Ladies has quite a line up. It would be worth your while to check out their site every once in a while just to familiarize yourself with these ladies, none of whom offer anything other than self service. This will cut down your time spent on STG and Escort Index considerably.
  11. 411 for NWA

    First off, so sorry that you have to relocate to Arkansas.
  12. 411 on NaughtyNicole

    The 206 number leads to Denver Ladies.
  13. 411 on NaughtyNicole

    Now going by Sexy Nicole 720-546-6597 and 206-319-9781
  14. Kaitlyn 411

    Going to pass. Same YL in this ad, but going by Kylie Marie: Different names, and lots of different numbers, some of which link to each other 720-259-9432, 347-879-4545, and 720-892-0016 Posted ads always appear at the same time. Thanks for the PMs. Further links to other ladies who shouldn't be in the game.
  15. Kaitlyn 411

    Kaitlyn 719-625-0967 Colorado Companion Somebody new, at least to me: Kaitlyn at 719-625-0967 and 876-353-5875 Nothing on Google Images (I checked 4 of her pics) No Listing on TOB (ran her phone numbers) Nothing on Google (ran both numbers. The 876 number had a Jamaican connection, which may be a red flag) Thanks in advance to those who have better search skills.