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  1. NO Bait & Switch!!!!!

    Marissa 415-429-3251 Colorado Escort Marissa @ 415-429-3251 "NO Bait & Switch...NO Dissapointments!! 100% Really ME!!! " "No need to worry it's 1000% me in the pics (tattoos don't lie)." "1000% ME IN THE PICTURES!! No bait & switch no drama !!!" These stolen pics are of Hailey Leigh, online nude model. She does not escort -
  2. New Here

    Big welcome, Kylie. How often do you plan on visiting Denver?
  3. Lena on BP

    See her review here on TOB.
  4. Lisa / Ashley or no name agency on BP

    Yep. Self-service.
  5. Lisa / Ashley or no name agency on BP

    These same ladies, and the manner in which they are photographed, suggest that they work for the same ripoff agency that has been reviewed here in previous years. They've just changed their number. I could be wrong, and will freely take the heat if I am, but it was FS charges for SS performance if I recall.
  6. 411 on Tiffany

    What the hell is wrong with you, N6! Attractive women and Kabuki Theater are two of my passions. Why else did you think that I was interested in Tiffany in the first place?
  7. 411 on Tiffany

    Tiffany 720-829-3802 Colorado Escort Tiffany @ 720-829-3802 Definitely new. Nothing on Google for the phone number. Nothing on Google Images. Nothing on TOB. Any other information out there? Thanks ________________________________________cached Ads cached Ad BP Denver June 25, 2017
  8. anyone ?

  9. Jordan in DTC

    Every review that I've checked on Erotic Monkey has been a pure fabrication. Take "Yeny" for example, as one of many. Pics are stolen, yet the "reviewer" talks like he actually met her and confirmed her appearance.
  10. 411 on Karmen 720 711 3111 Current
  11. 411 on Maria (BP)

    Thanks for everyone's responses. I have to wonder why my Google search of her phone number (and my tineye search of her pics) failed to turn up the Twitter information. Any ideas?
  12. 411 on Maria (BP)

    Maria Colorado Escort Hola! Maria at 720-773-8884 Nothing on Google for the phone number Nothing on Tineye for the photos Nothing on TOB for the name or number. Any further information on this YL would place me in your debt. I suspect that some/all of the pics are stolen, but was unable to find evidence to confirm that suspicion. Gracias in advance!
  13. Anyone know CJ

    Still more stolen pics today:
  14. Ana the Unknown

    Ana 720-432-4833 Colorado Escort I was texted by Ana this afternoon, and almost caught unawares. Maybe someone else can tell me if this has happened to them. Ana claimed to know me (how else did she have my private line?), and was very casual about it, so I initially thought that it was my memory that was at fault. When I expressed to her that I was drawing a blank, she sent a pic, and explained that perhaps we met at one of Denver's stripper bars. She named several, none of which I have been to in many, many years, if not decades.The problem is that I did not recognize her (not something I'd forget) in the picture either. Very hot YL. Nothing on Google for the number. Her side of the conversation grew far too explicit, and I stopped responding. My first thought was LE, but how did they get my number? Haven't had any truly bad experiences with providers in years!
  15. Pre-emptive 411 - Bell and Anna

    Anna @ 262-358-7310 Same crew, different stolen pics and number: When I Tineyed Anna's earlier 719 phone number, these photos came up several times