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  1. 411 on Selenavic Why two different names? Why two different phones? Or in the alternate, somebody is stealing somebody's pics.
  2. 411 Kaitlyn

    Saw her first ads appear late last week on STG and EscortBabylon. Seemed like a very limited menu, but that is just my opinion.
  3. Amy Taylor in COS

    This may provide more information:
  4. Nicolle?

    You might want to convert "90 kg" to pounds first. If that's accurate, the pics aren't.
  5. This lady is a ROB

    Don't worry. She'll be back. Different name, different pics, different number, sure. But she'll be back.
  6. 411, please

    Definitely not a "sharper brother", but:
  7. 411 on Lydia Lavelle

    You're good with a 20% deposit?
  8. 411 on Amberr

    Amberr 720-657-6931 Colorado Companion Any information would be helpful, and as always, thank you in advance Amberr at 720-657-6931 Nothing on TOB, Google, Google images, or Tin Eye. No reviews. This YL has been MIA for about 3-4 years, but was prolific in posting ads before then. I didn't make the effort to meet her then - too busy with work, but when I saw the new, recent posting, I almost decided to put work aside for a change. My recollection is that she ran with Megan-5196 and Jenna Jones, if that helps. Thanks, again.
  9. Anyone have feedback on Lana?

    "Eros Verified" means nothing, and the moderator provided proof of it above. Historically, and perhaps only locally, Eros has been the go-to for higher-end scams. I realize that there are a few legitimate ladies on Eros, but my emphasis would be on "few".
  10. Anyone have feedback on Lana?

    Lana is now "Eros Verified". Ha!
  11. Sabrina from STG

    Without being too literal, what does this entail? "Will entertain couples"
  12. Lilly in the Springs

    Lilly's menu on STG from about an hour ago:
  13. adultsearch Amanda Janet scam

    Thanks for the warning. We need more of these. Too bad that so many scammers are on STG.
  14. Svetlana Victoravna

    Sorry to hear that, Richard. Since you are a new member, try expanding (like that's necessary!) a little in your upcoming review. Much better luck next time.
  15. 411 on Paige

    Justin, did you really just become a member only 16 hours ago?