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  1. Any info/legit?

    Sorry, BallR. I travel extensively, and when BP was still up and running, these pics were literally everywhere.
  2. Eros?

    Nhala 720-325-6396 Here's a lady who has always been associated with Denver Ladies and their self-service scam, yet she is "*VIP" and "EROS VERIFIED" as "ESCORT/MASSAGE". Where are all these reviews that are mentioned in her ad, and on her site? As already mentioned, there are known, reputable advertisers on Eros now, but still way too many fakes.
  3. All you can eat seafood

    Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen used to have a seafood buffet every weekday for lunch. I think that they still have a Sunday seafood brunch.
  4. Amandalove303 Sorry, but these pics, and others from the same online model, are all over the country. It doesn't matter where I travel, there she is.
  5. Alli in Denver

    Just a word of caution concerning While not true in some locales, in Denver, Eros has had a history of ads that were "verified" and were anything but. Bait and switch, cash and dash, pimps, you name it. Savannah (303-216-0010) comes to mind. Nobody really knows how many assumed identities she had; just that she had to use a power strip to charge all of her phones. If you do your research on Adorable Laura (Eros Verified!), you will see what I mean.
  6. Korrajones

    korrajones111 @ 720-829-4641 Nothing about her phone number on Google, but several of her pics lead to: 657-218-5878 which leads to: Unless Korra/Cherry would like to chime in, it looks like stolen pictures.
  7. Diamond Princess in COS

    Diamond? 823-645-2565 Colorado Escort Diamond Princess at 823-645-2565 This is more of a pre-emptive 411 than an actual query on my part. I did not want to let my research go to waste. While Google didn't turn up anything of concern with her phone number, both Google Images and Tineye turned up more than enough. Total bait and switch. Sample: Same photos used all over Las Vegas on the same day as COS, and Russian dating sites too numerous to mention.
  8. Any info on this hottie?

    What JR said. While a lot of these links are dead, It still has all the phone numbers and names, and some pics.
  9. 411 on the Hairy Hippie Girl

    Sorry for the ambiguity, Happycamper. I only meant that I found nothing incriminating. Sent her a couple of texts, but no response so far.
  10. 411 on the Hairy Hippie Girl

    Natalie 720-619-0655 Colorado Escort Natalie @ 720-619-0655 Nothing on Google, Tineye, Google Images, or TOB. At least that I could find. Has anyone seen her yet? Very interested.
  11. Any info on Ashley @ Divine Envy Massage in Pueblo

    Hope you don't mind if I piggyback on your post, Bodyman0x. Would love to learn more about Ashley myself, and Nichole, who only appears in their ads once in a while.
  12. 411 on Lilly

    Lilly 505-273-9405 Colorado Escort Lilly on Backpage Phone Number 505-273-9405 Nothing on Google, Google Images, Tineye, TOB The only thing that I did discover are some other phone numbers 580-447-0175 and 817-406-5565, but there were no red flags on either, just better pics. Thanks!
  13. Emma on CityVibe?

    Jessie, CityVibe may be reliable in some areas, but over the years, CV in Denver has been mostly a scam site for fakes.
  14. Emma on CityVibe?

    Emma 720-506-3296 Colorado Escort Emma @ 720-506-3296 Nothing on Google, Google Images, Tineye, and nothing on this site. Too bad she is located in Lakewood, but if anyone know anything about her, that would be great. Thanks in advance
  15. 411 on Jenna-0031

    What a coincidence. Just returned from Orlando:н-ʀ-ყου-genuine-and-sweet/43374987 No name, but phone number down there was: 321-244-8271 I guess she could be travelling, but more likely stolen pics.