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  1. So I haven’t been on p411 in years and today I got an email that starts like this, “We know a lot about you, {my name}. Does your family and business associates know that you frequently see prostitutes for example? We live in {my town name}, & have been keeping tabs on you. What if your family, friends, or coworkers found out about this? You are in luck; we won't say a thing to anyone. We think that is pretty nice of us considering most people would think that your family and business deserves to know what you are doing. All you need to do is send 0.07 Bitcoin to the address:” The email goes on more and includes my old p411 handle and more extortion. Has anyone gotten emails like this.....
  2. BBFS Providers

    Keep the post up so ladies know who not to see. Has to be the dumbest question. I actually will search the term so I know who not to see.
  3. Fort Collins providers

    There is a reason FoCo doesn’t have as much fun as 10 years ago, take the drive or outcall to your place. I don’t risk it here.
  4. Today I got an email presumably from P411

    I have received other scams similar but since this was about P411, I thought I would share with the community here so no one falls for it in case someone else gets this scam.
  5. "Enjoying the taste of Fort Collins"

    I will be at the taste of Fort Collins too, have fun at it!
  6. Photography as a hobby

    I am a canon guy, but it's been awhile since I have been shooting. The subject often helps define which lens I use. Always fun to have a 50mm on my camera for some street photography. Nature I find myself with a wide angle zoom or even a macro lens for plants and bugs or whatever small stuff I find. Shooting people in various situation often use a 24-70mm and 70-200mm. Man I need to start shooting again!