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  1. Soiled Doves _VS_ Nasty Pigeons

    So don't worry about it. soiled dove
  2. Soiled Doves _VS_ Nasty Pigeons

    I just love when our beloved clients show us ladies their true colors and feelings towards, if we are soiled doves than what are the johns nasty pigeons. Last I knew one in three Americans have herpes and or genital warts. So would Colorado Springs voters vote a john into office once they found out his colorful history of enjoying the companionship of the ladies of the evenings no doubt. I read that a mayor had DV in his past but he was voted into office Colorado Springs citizens are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. They still have the mentality of the 1800's. soiled dove:eek:
  3. Taboo? or not taboo?

    Honey U are beauty -t-ful, ok. Don't sweat or doubt yourself. Keep on doing what your do.
  4. Nikki you hit the nail right on the Head pun intended. Too funny sounds like the op is having a hard time aging. you he is correct when saying he will grown old alone. Get some cologne for real
  5. Howdy newbie To TOB

    Thank you Nikki, slim jim
  6. Having a bad butt day? Please wash!

    The problem is they do have their shit together and its all over our bedding. lol
  7. Having a bad butt day? Please wash!

    Honey that is nothing compared to having to deal with a client who funks up your bathroom and has diarrhea all over your sheets and think nothing of it. Or the ones who show up raw and scabbed up from jerking off to much and want you to BBBJ. And while you are washing you ASS give your mouth a swirl of mouth wash so it don't smell like you came straight over from sucking some other providers privates. Gentleman when you get to THAT point in your lives stay home and hang up your joy stick. You are correct Fortysomething we work for our money.
  8. so lets be clear you wanted to get the message out that STD testing does not have to cost $$$ of dollars so you used your friends story about her having gonorrhea to make your point. A simple Denver Health Clinic is the place to go very its very reasonable. I think you like to tell stories so ladies do not confide in Mr. Wolf Got it.
  9. Review ethics/advice?

    Right, lets just nip this in the bud . Poor men they just can't think for themselves. So we women have to do it all for them......LOL Did you bust a nut if you did than you received your monies worth, if you did not its not her fault you may suffer from plumbing issues emotional issues who the hell knows...... If she is a hottie men will see her anyway.
  10. everyone of my clients are good lovers the moment they walk in the door. I do not discriminate. Job well done and Dam I am Good at it. Lilithia
  11. no gossip here, so if its fact based its not gossip. OK............
  12. Now how you know that, where you the gonorrhea. Fuck'in people or are you parroting what someone told you. It goes on a lot and unless a hoe is tested on a monthly bases or gets deathly ill how would one know. This is why it is vital a lady keeps names numbers license plates numbers something to track your contacts. And should it happen to all you die hard "I don't want to use a cover" fans don't bitch about it talk'in about that bitch gave me the clap. I know the ladies are more apt to get it because our throats are like our pussies tender soft warm tissue. Now can it be spread via DFK via oral licking hummm need to find out.
  13. Don't take it personally Free guy after all its business. The problem is and not so much a problem for me anyway is when you have a dildo that can grind out the same amount of oOOOO's it really does not matter. So what else is left the MONEY. For me by the time I hit the bathroom the thrill is over time to move on. But somehow most Jons want to give us the OOOOO's of our lives because that validates them it makes them feel like if a hooker is happy than I am king so what ever floats your boat. For me to get involved I have to create a whole fantasy in my mind to make my O"S happen its not who I am with, crazy I know you have to be cray cray to be in this business. Hobby on
  14. No cover?!?

    I know of a few men here who enjoys sucking and licking ASS holes (tossing your salad) so there is no room for the holy than thou club. IF the price is right I might offer BBFS and every lady here would too, after all we are already doing BBBJ , CIM NQNS NO difference. Its all gross come to think about it.
  15. So what makes a client decide to call it quits. The Sex drive is still there ,if I were too guess I would say boredom. I think its great when a ASP or Client can say good bye in this business. Good luck sailor man..........