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  1. Sex Worker treated as second class people

    LIke I said the comments prove the article. The only way to get laws change is to get people to see SW as same as everyone else. There are good and bad people in this industry just like everyplace else. There are women that do this and feel fulfilled and there are women that do this out of desperation. This is same everywhere. They are not any different than a factory worker, people on wall street, and people that work at fast food.
  2. Colorado Springs

    I lived most of life in Colorado Springs. I live in Denver now. I can't really think too many places noteworthy in colorado springs. Menitou spring is cool place and garden of the goods.
  3. I read this article and I found it interesting. This might be preaching to the coir, but nice to see positive stories in the mainstream media. The comment section of the article proves the article. People say the most terrible things about sex workers.
  4. BB

    Not saying her story is true or not, but you can get pregnant while on birth control.
  5. 411 on Jordyn

    She does have 45 reviews and most of them seem positive. Everyone that reviewed her says her pictures are accurate. She is definitely legit
  6. Truck stops - maybe not Anyone hear of this one?

    I would put that number closer to 99%.
  7. Wanksy? a little old but funny

    It's way better than Colorado Springs. I refer to them pot canyons not potholes.
  8. Here’s a large part of our problem

    here is a youtube video talking about FOSTA from a left-leaning independent news source. It seems to me established media both on left and right are for FOSTA
  9. TOB is dead

    I disagree with you. I lived mostly in CS until recently. I just move to Denver about six months ago. CS very conservative not libertarian just plain old conservative.
  10. BrandNewby Please be gentle

    Welcome Dezirae this is a wonderful place. Just ignore the few assholes we have around here.
  11. new people

    I wonder if Stevie is here to see ladies or just vent about his miserable life.
  12. Newbie needs help

    Unless you are willing to give personal information to someone either a one of these ladies or p411, it will be hard to find someone willing to see you. Most people on this site have a lot to lose you are not special. If you can't handle the risk you don't belong in this world.
  13. How old are you guys?

    I feel like a young guy after reading this thread. I am 46.
  14. Riley

    Facebook links to a girl that is not the girl in the add.
  15. FINALLY!

    Congratulation Melisa.