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  1. Are ladies allowed to have two personas?

    They might night not post here and have reviews under 2 name.
  2. Are ladies allowed to have two personas?

    I know some ladies change their names.
  3. Ladies, Please Don't....

    I disagree with @2Big. Ladies wear what ever makes you feel sexy, because if a lady feels sexy she is sexy. If a lady does not feel sexy is not sexy.
  4. Greatest movie scenes / quotes

    "I am here to chew bubble gum and kick ass and I am all out of bubble gum" from they live
  5. Generations

    There are several problems with the question about IQ. You point to article that says IQ has fallen but I found several that contradicts that. Like this one that says that are rising . There is also problem whether IQ measures intelligence. Here is a link to a youtube video about this topic made by Adam Conover.
  6. Lelo Hex Condoms?

    I have used and like then. I got them from amazon but, you can get then target and Wallgreens I believe.
  7. The "Poop Knife"

    When you posted you knew people were going to google that. Don't be coy.
  8. Man, I have jonesing for the game of thrones. I don't know if I can make it to next year. That rage thrones video is really funny.
  9. BP advertising techniques that need to go away.

    Actually, I like it when they hold up a piece of paper with date name and phone number.
  10. Elara Star

    I think when she first appeared she was using fake pictures but now I believe she is using her real pictures. I have not seen her so take that with a grain of salt.
  11. Worst Movie

    me to. It's not bad movie, but mediocre. I had high hopes for it and hopes were shattered. I took me years to get over it
  12. Worst Movie

    Actually, I liked that movie. The movie that I paid to see in the theater that I hated was Titanic. I still don't get why so many people like that movie I thought it was mind-numbing boring. I have seen a lot of bad movies but that was worse one I paid for.

    I believe she is touring provider. I am not sure from where
  14. Marie Antoinette

    I am one those Schmucks that never got a P411 account because I hobbied infrequently. I regret that decision. I have also been out of the hobby for a little while.
  15. Well, THIS is ironic

    Prostitution being illegal has nothing to do with morality. It's all about control and profit. How many family values politicians get caught screwing their intern. Hell how many of them that are anti-abortion and get their mistress an abortion. American politics is corrupt to the core.