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  1. Stanley Kubrick

    I agree he is one of the best Directors of all time. He has made some of my favorite movies. My top four would be Dr. Strange love, 2001, Full Metal Jacket and Clockwork Orange. Not only was he great Director, he made huge variety of movies science fiction, horror, drama and comedy.
  2. EROS?

    I think people on TOB forget that outside of Colorado TOB almost non existent. EROS has greater range and visibility because of that it attracts more scammers than TOB. Lot of scammers are traveling groups and individuals therefore more familiar with websites like EROS.
  3. 20%Tip

    I tend tip between 20% to 25%
  4. Fresh and clean

    I want a Hobby Concierge. That would make my life so much easier.
  5. The Jefferson’s... update

    I think this has to do with the Jeffersons TV show from the 70's, but I am not sure.
  6. Jeffrey Epstein Is Dead

    I agree with you 100%. Both parties elites are the same corrupt to the core.
  7. Anybody sign up to Storm Area 51?

    I was hoping the hitch a ride with one of you guys.
  8. When your wife is cheating?

    I was going say something like this, but you said it with more elegance than I could. I not interested in judging other people because I have my own faults, but seeing escort is cheating no if then or buts. Jaxon71 you cheated on your wife no matter how you feel about it. Getting upset about just makes you a hypocrite.
  9. I am an ENFJ, like Johnny Depp

    I am INTP
  10. Cutting The Cord!!!

    I cut the cord 4 years ago and don't miss it at all. I have netflix and amazon prime. Those 2 work for me. I watch more youtube then anything else and I don't watch sports at all so there is nothing on tv that I need . I don't mid paying money for tv, but when you pay 150+ a month to watch couple shows a week it feels like waste of money.
  11. Pictures: How Things Have Changed

    Since this is thread started by 2Big I am with Mountainrider33. Can you pass me the popcorn
  12. Myth vs. Reality

    2Big does keep the forum from getting boring, but I usually jus ignore him.
  13. Threatening bad review

    Hey Suzi most guys don't care about occasional bad reviews. At least I don't since I am not perfect at my job and don't expect that from others. Only time I worry about bad review if there are lots bad reviews.
  14. New to Denver

    Wellcome Chloe. This is a great community , but we do have some crotchety members.
  15. Are ladies allowed to have two personas?

    They might night not post here and have reviews under 2 name.