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  1. Myth vs. Reality

    2Big does keep the forum from getting boring, but I usually jus ignore him.
  2. Threatening bad review

    Hey Suzi most guys don't care about occasional bad reviews. At least I don't since I am not perfect at my job and don't expect that from others. Only time I worry about bad review if there are lots bad reviews.
  3. New to Denver

    Wellcome Chloe. This is a great community , but we do have some crotchety members.
  4. Are ladies allowed to have two personas?

    They might night not post here and have reviews under 2 name.
  5. Are ladies allowed to have two personas?

    I know some ladies change their names.
  6. Ladies, Please Don't....

    I disagree with @2Big. Ladies wear what ever makes you feel sexy, because if a lady feels sexy she is sexy. If a lady does not feel sexy is not sexy.
  7. Greatest movie scenes / quotes

    "I am here to chew bubble gum and kick ass and I am all out of bubble gum" from they live
  8. Generations

    There are several problems with the question about IQ. You point to article that says IQ has fallen but I found several that contradicts that. Like this one that says that are rising . There is also problem whether IQ measures intelligence. Here is a link to a youtube video about this topic made by Adam Conover.
  9. Lelo Hex Condoms?

    I have used and like then. I got them from amazon but, you can get then target and Wallgreens I believe.
  10. The "Poop Knife"

    When you posted you knew people were going to google that. Don't be coy.
  11. Man, I have jonesing for the game of thrones. I don't know if I can make it to next year. That rage thrones video is really funny.
  12. BP advertising techniques that need to go away.

    Actually, I like it when they hold up a piece of paper with date name and phone number.
  13. Elara Star

    I think when she first appeared she was using fake pictures but now I believe she is using her real pictures. I have not seen her so take that with a grain of salt.
  14. Worst Movie

    me to. It's not bad movie, but mediocre. I had high hopes for it and hopes were shattered. I took me years to get over it
  15. Worst Movie

    Actually, I liked that movie. The movie that I paid to see in the theater that I hated was Titanic. I still don't get why so many people like that movie I thought it was mind-numbing boring. I have seen a lot of bad movies but that was worse one I paid for.