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  1. Hotels

    I hate maple flavor pop tarts.
  2. Challenging prostitution laws in CA

    I hope they win and I think in the long run the laws will be overturned.
  3. 411 on Morticia Adams

    Her donation is very reasonable.
  4. 411 on Kylie COS 719-244-6972

    I agree with inkspot
  5. Credit Repair Advice!

    If you have "No Credit" credit repair companies will not help. The best way to get credit is to get a credit card with a small limit and pay for everything with it. Then pay it off every month. While back ago I had no credit and that is what I did. I am no expert but it worked for me. Here is link with some information
  6. New

  7. Brand New To The Website

    welcome Rebeacca.
  8. Ladies BEWARE...

    lakerboy24 they don't believe they are immune to diseases. To them, it's a thrill ride like bungee jumping. They get off on the risk.
  9. Where are all the providers?

    it's never the wrong time of the year for two lips.
  10. Where are all the providers?

    love your response
  11. Isabel

    pictures looked like 17yo
  12. Isabel

    I agree with CountryGentleman she looks like jail bait. Even if she was real I would avoid.
  13. Nicolette Marie or Hailey Bee?

    Hailey b always had good reviews on TOB. I don't know about TER since I don't use it. I don't know her from personal experience.
  14. Because it is Friday....

    This song is one of the greatest songs of all time.
  15. PSA: Don't Flush

    remember all the prosecutor has to do is convince a jury. I used to have a neighbor that was very nosy. She would ask me about who was coming to my house. That was before I got into this hobby. My new neighbors don't care and I don't even know their names.