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  1. Sex Ed teacher outed as escort

    She was most qualified for the job
  2. Police would have to use lot of resources to target single lady and that would be bad ROI just for prostitution charges.
  3. here is a good video that explains the issue.
  4. Ad pages now opening up when viewing listings

    it's not happening to me either. I tried several things and no cam website
  5. Spammer

    I also got the same message
  6. The Great Debate of 2020

    I don't know if you can say anybody won the debate. It was like watching a multi car pile up happen in real time.
  7. The reason I am concerned about masks is my mother. She has respiratory problems and need help from my sibling and I . If I catch COVID-19 it probably would suck, but I would very likely survive if my mom catches it she would probably die. I wear a masks and hope others not because of me, but because of her and others like her. I am lucky that I have good paying job that I can work from home. I rarely have to go out and I find wearing a mask uncomfortable, but I do it. I have a lot respect for people that have to wear a mask all day long. This has changed our lives at least for next few years, but we will survive like we did during the spanish flu 100 years. I would hope that as a society we will learn from this, but I doubt it
  8. wakanda forever

    I had no idea he had cancer till I read he was dead. I was completely shocked by his death
  9. Catching feels

    I am not a provider, but I think C would be asking for trouble. No one like being strung along and some people will act very badly if they feel used. In my opinion A would be best, but I think she should break it off one way or another unless the it's mutual then all bets are off.
  10. the chicken or egg problem

    It does suck if you don't references, but you asking someone else to take a risk without you taking any risks. If you want to play you have to take a risk on having your identity stolen, being blackmailed, going to jail, being robbed and killed, but all of these are possibilities no matter what you do. If you are careful and smart you can greatly mitigate your risk, but not eliminate them.
  11. Making porn to get through the RONA

    for some reason I knew we were going to get 2Big post like this
  12. Making porn to get through the RONA

    All I have to say is thumbs up to her and I do find it odd that skype and zoom have policy against sharing nudes or video. I never understood why it matters. it's like private phone call between people. This is another example of FOSTA SESTA fucking it up for everyone without fixing anything
  13. America Is Not So Great

    I agree with you 100%. I also would like open primaries. Currently If don't like the candidate in your own party, but you think a candidate in another party would do a better job you're SOL. Same thing goes with independents.
  14. He would have turned 17...

    My mom and her brother were real close. We spend holidays together we went on vacations together. That all changed when I was 17. My cousin took his own life at 15. My uncle became withdrawn and we only really talked to my aunt after that. Their other son moved to another state next year when her turned 18. That one incident changed both our families and it never recovered. My uncle was devastated by this and died about 10 years after that. I am sure his depression led to his early death.