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  1. Be safe

    More recent reporting has stated that the assumption that there were many unreported "stealth" cases which would drive down the actual case fatality rate was wrong. Moreover, recent reporting has clarified that "mild" cases include bilateral viral pneumonia. These report are actually consistent. People are being selective with the available data. Now, as for unsubstantiated (verified through multiple methods) information: It appears that is may attack the brain and reproductive organs, and it appears that it can remain airborne for at least 3 hours. Take precautions.
  2. Justina, that is a very poor rationale. There's a big difference between having your credit card number or other ID information stolen and having information about private and potentially illegal activities stolen and posted online. ID theft and credit card fraud create a lot of headaches and some financial stress. Personal information associating one with illicit or illegal sexual activities ruin marriages, careers, and lives.
  3. For some, simply using L-Citrulline can help. It increases blood flow. It DOES work, but takes a day or two to really take effect and can have a side effect of making you a little flush. Can also help with your workouts.
  4. Hobby phone question

    Instead of keeping a separate phone, if you have Android just install Talkatone. It's a VOIP app that gives you a dedicated number, works with text, and is only available when you run it. It works via WiFi as well as over the carrier's internet access.
  5. Cum for the Camera

    As another person who has photography and videography as serious hobbies, I agree about the risk. I am always very careful about any photos/video I take/use and always adhere to whatever agreement has been made, written or not. But that is only because trust is critical for me as a serious hobbyist. The average Joe will be sharing in some way or another and could give a rats-ass about your concerns. That all said, I love the option but for most ladies I would have to caution about the risks. On the other side, a "performer" is not an escort and that is probably perfectly legal if setup the right way...
  6. Exposingjohns

    Never pay. Even if it is a real phone number, it is so easy to fake the whole thing there is no way it can be used as any sort of proof. If it were to ever come up somehow, simply state it's an extortion scam. You had received a text a while back from some unknown number demanding money to remove the false info and after contacting PD and finding out it was an overseas site they could do nothing about you dropped it because it's meaningless and even if you got a new number it could happen again...
  7. Question boys and girls.....

    Ironic comment Foxy Roxie: http://www.tobreviews.com/index.cfm?show_all_reviews=yes&asp=6269
  8. Little blue pill

    So, for those who do not have a serious medical condition you might consider trying L-Citrulline. It's not a "quick fix". Take 1,00-1,500mg a day for a couple of days and then you should see a difference...
  9. Leaking gas can be a safety issue...you should have warned her about the danger and then plugged the leak!
  10. The Rules

    OK, but if she is still screwing other guys for money (and I understand that is her chosen line of work which makes this situation a bit unique) and that isn't cheating, how is it cheating if HE pays another lady for sex? Isn't that more than a little hypocritical? In this situation, it would seem paid sex could not constitute cheating... That said, since she is a provider I would suggest asking her opinion on this.
  11. hysteria and the hobby

    If memory serves, hysteria literally meant "wandering uterus". Hence the odd "cures". Western society has been misogynistic for so long....
  12. Jihad on P411?

    Any serious DoS anymore will be a DDoS and will not be sourced from a single location/region. If the attack was easily sourced back to China it was either someone playing around / experimenting, or someone was actually sharp enough to point the evidence to somewhere else. A DoS can be performed with total anonymity fairly easily. There are just way too many bots/ zombie networks out there - and available to rent fairly cheaply. Even without the bots, it's not hard to perform a totally anonymous DoS attack. The attacks that can actually be traced are the real hacking attempts (break ins) as in those cases traffic/data has to make it's way back to the attacker in some way. That's not true with a DoS attack.
  13. Finding ladies to model

    Well, I started with photography back in 1984 shooting and developing B&W, later I shot color reversal and slide film, switched to digital when the Canon 10D came out. Shoot with a newer Canon DSLR now. Yes I have strobes, umbrellas, scrims, reflectors, large backdrop and multiple muslins. Working with all of that can be tedious and isn't always necessary (often isn't). Depends on what look you want. Anyway, I am putting together information on my intended shoot and myself that I can provide to ladies that I contact to inquire about possible interest...
  14. Finding ladies to model

    All true and known. It's just a general flakiness issue with models following-up. If I was just shooting fashion/lingerie there's be a lot more models and more models who take it seriously. It's the niche of this shoot making the process more problematic.
  15. Finding ladies to model

    That's because you know nothing of my photography and aren't paying attention: "hiring models" means I pay a model to pose for a photo shoot. I don't want anything for free. I am not seeking business (i.e. to sell my services). I have a specific project in mind and am seeking feedback on potential resources. Again, I am not going to get into specifics beyond my question here. I think that wonders too far and starts to get into self-promotion. I will answer questions and provide work examples to models who are interested in working for me via direct communication (message me). Anyway, I figured this forum was a long shot but you never know where you might find an unexpected resource.