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  1. Who would you bring back?

    Ashley of lamp.. still have her # on my cell lol... Stacy C as well.
  2. another phone PSA

    Thanks for the info and PMs.. I've found several good methods to move forward with. Thanks again!
  3. another phone PSA

    older post but questions about a hobby phone, any suggestions on where to get one? I had one for years for an old company that went out of business I did contract work for and they just kept paying the bill, so I used it. No way to tie it back to me, it was a loaner and was never linked to my name. Anyhow now i need to get one so do i get a prepaid (in cash) at King Soopers\etc or is there a better method? Feel free to PM me if its better.. thanks!
  4. Hotel employees being trained to spot incalls

    As for the hotel wifi part..buy a cheap 4g wifi hotspot and use that, pay in cash. Its usually not a good idea to get on hotel wifi anywhere. Their computer security is usually old and minimal at best. A lot of hackers spent time in hotels sniffing wifi and taking all sorts of info. Heck even tether to your phone if your able, anything is better then hotel wifi.
  5. 411 Stacy Carlson retirement?

    She was great, I enjoyed my visits with her. She will be missed.
  6. Another Spa-Related Bust

    "police began investigating almost immediately" that says it all IMO.
  7. Copy of ID ?

    show her my ID on meeting, yes. Sending it beforehand or after.. not going to happen.
  8. not what you expected

    I walk away, no $ for being lied to.
  9. Passing by the Hotel

    I usually mutter to myself "fucked there..and there..over there...that place was great..." ah, memories.
  10. Wow. Just wow.

    TGTBT for sure IMO... If not I'd rush to the front of the line myself
  11. For the guys, how do you see yourself?

    I'll go with suave and handsome I can talk a woman out of her panties and an Eskimo into an ice chest. My ex wife told me i was a "grand manipulator" and she was right, and I like it. I don't have problems getting women when I have the desire and put forth the effort. One main reason I enjoy this hobby is the ability to hang out and go home and not have her call me 100 times afterwards. I enjoy the thrill of the research...appointment and the shit eating grin I have for days after. I'm sure I'll indulge every so often in this hobby for the rest of my life, we'll see.
  12. Worst Provider Experiences?

    +1 !!!
  13. question for the guys

    also be sure the phone you use isnt your main personal. Get a burner or a cheap cricket phone or something for business.
  14. DTC

    lots of hotels, tons of people, easy parking, fairly cheap rooms (if no conferences are around, etc). Somewhat light LE presence as well usually. I work and live in the area, so speaking from current experience.
  15. Provider blogs?

    I wouldn't read anyone's blogs. And if I plan to see a lady and she doesn't have a website.. I'm not interested either.