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    Aside form being an ASP, I sing, play both keyboards & Bass and Will be taking D.J. classes
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    My Own Little World
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    ahhh hobbies who has time for those when preparing for college? sex. I like sex. and vibrators.
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    ASP / Music
  1. Candy Colored Hair?

    Oh Destiny, you never fail to post the most beautiful women <3
  2. Candy Colored Hair?

    Mine is part for Breast Cancer Awareness (a friend of mine is going through it for the second time in 4 years) and part for a photoshoot for my suicide girls submission. My hair is cut into a fauxhawk-esque pageboy and so the center is bright bubblegum pink, with white sides and layers. My best friend's mom is a professional that works at a high end salon and made sure it looked **Amazing** <3 For any outcalls though, I'm planning on busting out the long black wig.
  3. Candy Colored Hair?

    What do you guys think of candy colored hair? Bright, flamboyant and outrageously unique hair? Example: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6wj5mfAWc1rxmdhyo1_500.jpg
  4. Dating

    This is something I have been struggling with myself, however its not how to tell someone new but someone who has been in my life for a while and showed romantic interest in me. I fell for this guy in high school and we've been close ever since. He think's I dance and only do FBSM. So Adelle, when you figure something out - Let me know! <3 All the love and well wishes in the world, T