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  1. Warning to those who frequent spas up north

    I've been by since. But the sheriff truck hanging out for hours made me nervous for a while. Especially with the 2 sting operations recently where they were going after customers.
  2. Question About Cally 7415

    I'd say 50+.
  3. Warning to those who frequent spas up north

    You know the place pitbull. We discussed it before on my old account (that hasn't worked since the site changed).
  4. Warning to those who frequent spas up north

    It would have been better if there were any other businesses open at this building, or if he wasn't there for in his car for a couple hours. Or if the truck didn't have multiple stickers identifying it as sheriff. Drove by yesterday and they looked closed. Not sure what it was, but they have been cracking down here lately. A couple years ago when there were a couple spa busts, this spa closed for a while even though they weren't the one of the ones busted.
  5. I went by one of the more popular spas in the area today as there wasn't much in the way of providers available. I noticed a white truck sitting in front. Thinking it was a client, I kept going, figuring I would stop by later. When I went by later, another car pulled in before me, but this car pulled out right away and left. I noticed the same truck there and a car a few spots over, so figured he thought the same thing as I did earlier. This is an industrial area though, so I thought the truck could possibly be somebody working the weekend. At this point I went to the store and returned. I saw the same truck, and decided it was there to long to be a customer at the spa. As I pulled in I noticed sheriff decals on the back and side window, and a man sitting in the front seat. I left just as the person I saw go there previously. At this point I had no intention of returning, but later drove past and noticed that the truck was still there with someone sitting in it. I know there have been a few John stings in Fort Collins a few months ago, and it looks like they are still doing something. Just be careful up north, and do your homework before seeing someone. And don't be dumb scheduling appointments. But this also makes me wish that some reliable providers would come visit, as I am going to play it safe and not use spas as a backup for the time being.
  6. Is it creepy??? Part 2

    Maybe it's different because I'm a guy, but ours cool when someone comments on my tattoos or asks where they were done. What is uncomfortable is when someone tries to turn it into a conversation. But that may be because I am socially awkward anyway.
  7. Massage Parlors

    Eccie has a spa section
  8. Best amp in the Denver metro area.

    There is another hobby board that has a spa section. That is probably the best resource for this info. Just dig a little.
  9. Wow! New format, new mods!

    It is nicer for mobile. Although with needing an email instead of username for login, it logs me in with my review account, not my old forum account. Not a big deal though, as I wasn't a frequent poster.