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  1. Roleplay?

    I have been in and out of this hobby for about 20years (man I’m old!) and I have yet to really find someone who enjoys roleplaying as much as I do. I have seen a few ladies who definitely try and they do a pretty good job, but it is clearly out of the comfort zone so the pleasure is not shared for both of us. Most review platforms do not have a place to “mark” that someone is into roleplaying, so I am left to message a few different ladies and ask (either after I have passed screening or if she says when it is a good time to discuss those things). And I really do not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, that’s why I ask upfront. Any suggestions on how I could find this special person 😁😁😁 any help is greatly appreciated! ~ Drew
  2. 411 on Ayla (Tryst)

    I am subscribed to her OnlyFans, which is very hot, and have chatted with her via messenger. Everything seems legit and I have been meaning to finally set something up with her. When I do I can let everyone know. The more the info the better
  3. Providers in Casper, WY

    Going to be in Casper, WY tomorrow night, anyone have any insight of any providers in the area? Thanks! Drew