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  1. ATTENTION OTHER Ladies : THEY REMOVE YOUR AD BUT IT STILL SHOWS UP WHEN YOU GOOGLE YOUR NUMBER! ...then when you click on it it says no URL found but its still there! Pete Proffessor, That probably means your old friend actually works for an agency that changes #s. Or like my number SOME OTHER AGENCY MUST HAVE PUT UP THE WEBSITE ESCORTBUSTS.COM. So she or her agency had to change their #. I cannot because I have a number in the yellow pages. Im not a fly by the night rip off. It had been super slow this summer and I had no idea, until I went to see my regular and he asked "Hey, have you ever googled yourself?" Then he showed me this website. He knows Im not a cop as Iveseen him do a and many clients do a ton of cocaine. I always tell people because its true the only people I ever have seen review escorts are agencies about themselves and others. IF THE POLICE WERE ACTUALLY RUNNING STINGS THEY WOULD SHUT DOWN THE WEBSITE AND ARREST THE PEOPLE WHO PUT THEM UP ... ITS CALLED INTERFERING WITH A POLICE INVESTIGATION!! So yes its crap and 3 other girls I know have had their number posted up on the website too..who are definately not cops. When I tried to comment on the site it opened up a form in you can bet that site is probably owned by a service and bogus also. is a scam I also had two girls say I was a cop to a client that wanted to keep us all. I am open and kind to other girls and would have told the client...sure they could stay if I'd have arrived 1rst. He was very generous with cancellation fee..but still meanest girls ever! Now I get it, but seriously it could endanger escorts' lives Ive had more prank calls and txts from pimplike ghetto guys inthe past month.