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  1. They Figured It Out!

    what the hell did you just say in all of that? Haha haha.. I tried to read it twice, but my head hurt to bad. Lol..
  2. Pictures with cigarettes

    I don't really mind if a lady smokes as long as she doesn't do it while around me and as long as I don't leave with my clothing smelling like it. Ewwwww. The biggest turnoff to me is walking into a room full of cigarette smoke. It seems unprofessional to me, but maybe it's because I've never smoked
  3. Hi! New to this board and need help!!!

    They just "upgraded" the site recently and everyone is having some growing pains dealing with it. Your best bet would be to get a hold of the whisperer. That's the moderator who has been most helpful to everyone. But let me be the first to say welcome back to Denver Tiffany
  4. Tips on my 1st Visit to Denver!

    The DTC seems to be very popular with the ladies and it's a nice area. I agree with CH, stay away from Lakewood. I avoid Lakewood just to be safe. But the majority of the city is nice and friendly. Enjoy your stay and hopefully we will see you here often
  5. Pictures with cigarettes

    damn.. lol. The gals are definately hot but I've never smoked and don't like the smell of cigarettes. I especially don't like bringing home the smell on my clothing. There is a certain provider who I absolutely loved seeing, but I had to stop seeing her because every time I left her room I smelled like a pack of cigarettes. You just can't get that smell out of your clothing.
  6. For the old timers

    Hmmmmm.. I thought I was old, but I don't know about this Casey Jones fella.. Lol. Guess I am not old enough yet..
  7. Pictures with cigarettes

    now that I would have loved to have seen.. Lol.
  8. New to theotherboard!

    Hello babydallass and elle Harper. Welcome to the board. It is a bit of a mess at the moment but I have faith the mods will get it all taken care of. Hope you both are enjoying yourselves
  9. This new site....sucks

    As with anything new there is going to be some growing pains. Give these guys a chance man. It's encouraging that the moderators are posting and answering questions as best they can. If the site isn't fixed by the time they start charging, then bitch about it. I agree with Luce kytten here, us guys aren't paying a dime for this service. It seems to me that these guys are working their ass off to make this site useable. Lets give them a chance
  10. Pictures with cigarettes

    Yea bit, I can understand that. To me personally it's a turn off. Just for the record, I would never talk down on a woman just because she smokes. I personally would pass her up, but I understand that someone else might not mind.
  11. New to the board

    Guess I will be the first to say welcome to the board brotha
  12. What happened

    I know I prefer text for initial contact. Like magic boots said, I too work 12 hour shifts and it's difficult to always call. But I respect a ladies request to not text her. If her Ad says no texting I skip her and move on. It really isn't that hard to find a lady that doesn't mind an initial text. I do agree that you should at least contact her by phone if you are going to agree to see her. I don't whine or cry like a baby about spending my money, but my time is something totally different. My time is hard to come by.
  13. Friends

    I am not quite sure what all being friends here entails, but hey, I wanna make some friends and get to know some people.
  14. New to TOB

    Hey, I am a newbie here. I decided to give this a try about 8 or 9 months ago and have been kinda shooting from the hip so to speak before finding this place. I am glad I finally did. I've had a couple good experiences, but also a lot of horrible ones. Hopefully being here will make the craft a more manageable and enjoyable experience.
  15. Friends

    Lol.. lately I've been striking out on really great sessions with the ladies. Ive been getting the ones with the hot 20 year old pictures and the haggy 40 year old reality. I think that's why I drink so much beer
  16. 411 on Nataly

    http://denver.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/1oo-special-erotic-sweet-a-v-a-i-l-a-b-l-e-n-o-w/19290197. I've been wanting to see this young lady for some time but I can't find any info on her. Just wondering if anyone else out there might have some you're willing to share. I know I am new here, but hey, that's what this place is for right?
  17. Newbie

    Hello Lovelace
  18. Friends

    I didn't mean like actual friends. I don't wanna know any of ya fuckers in real life. But I do like to drink beer laplace.
  19. 411 on Sara

    She is smoking hot dude. If you toft let us know.
  20. Friends

    Haha.. I guess that didn't really come out sounding right did it. I am not talking about actually getting to know anyone on here, except maybe a professional friendship with a lady or 2. I just noticed people have "friends" on their profiles here. I was just inquiring what that was all about. I take my personal and private life seriously too. That's one reason I refuse to do outcalls. Even in my real life I keep very few people close to me, if any really.
  21. Why Hour vs Half Hour?

    I always do a half hour if it's the first time seeing a particular lady. Let's face it, a lot of women use fake pics and on here and what you see isn't always what you get. I have no problems springing for longer sessions once I know who I am dealing with
  22. A hug!

  23. 411 on Nataly

    Ok, so I toft. She is a legit provider, but she is definitely not the girl in the pictures. I will post a review on her a little later.
  24. 411 on Nataly

    I am still trying to figure all this out. So does TER mean she is safe to see??
  25. New to TOB

    Why thank ya very much