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  1. WHY?

    I have a work truck and a work phone. But I also have my private vehicle and my personal cellphone that I keep and use for personal stuff IE this place. I wont even connect my personal phone to the company wifi while at work. They gave me the option to use my personal phone and they reimburse me for the bill, and alot of managers at work take that option, but I like my privacy too much to go that route. Short story is, company truck and phone for company business only.
  2. Join Me - It's For Your Health

    I refuse to endorse any activity that doesn't include alcoholic beverages.
  3. Gfe

    GFE=Great Fucking Experience, and thet Great Fucking Experience varys from person to person. So as long as you can walk away from your particular meeting and think, " wow, that was fucking great', regardless of what activities did, or didn't, take place, then that sir is GFE.
  4. Another day on TOB...

    You know how to get in touch with me no matter whether I'm here or not
  5. So what's a "spinner"?

    My favorite spinner is a gold panther Martin with the black and gold blade, although blue fox makes some pretty good spinners too.
  6. Another day on TOB...

    It's nice when you can take an extended vacation from the hobby and come back and catch up months in just one post.
  7. New to Denver

    A friend of yours is a friend of mine. 😊 welcome klhoe
  8. Married guys and outcalls

    If I was married there is no way on god's green earth I'd do an outcall to my house. But, I'm not married and have done it several times and I rather prefer having a lady come to me because of my busy lifestyle. I've never had a problem or issue with an outcall as far as the lady is concerned. But women have this "other" sense about them man. A wife WILL know anything that's different in her house, unlike us dudes who never notice anything. My concern is with neighbors. I have had neighbors say, " hey man, I noticed you had someone at your house last night. You seeing someone new now?" That's the problem. Lol. I just blow that question off and ignore it, but your wife on the other hand. Just think about that if you decide on doing an outcall. Neighbors are your very worst enemy
  9. Own Who You Are

    I remember a twister game once where that ass and my face got pretty up close and personal.. hahaha.. I probably should have planted a kiss on it then
  10. Beanca503 -

    The one "GLOWING " review should tell everyone everything they need to know about this young lady.
  11. Questions????

    Dude, a 45 minute appointment for s HJ?? You got taken dude. Whether anyone here wants to admit it publicly or not, everyone knows you got taken. Learn from thst
  12. EROS Jessica Hamilton

    https://www.eroticmonkey.ch/jassae-denise-escort-arizona-city-185020. This is what pops up googling her email. Take it how you want but the pictures are at least similar..
  13. Share your favorite naughty vid links

    Sometimes I think my life should be featured on one of those reality TV. Or a country song, mommas don't let your babies grow up to be Juan..
  14. Share your favorite naughty vid links

    There isn't any way in hell your life could be that boring
  15. Share your favorite naughty vid links

    Believe it or not, I rarely if ever watch porn. That's what TOB is for. When I get that urge I call on you fine ladies. And if i don't have time for the fine ladies here on tob, then i don't have time for pornhub either. Sometimes being me isn't very fun.
  16. Quick Car Date

    You've obviously never tried in a dodge challenger.. there is NOTHING fun or exciting about it. Lol....
  17. Kennitay1234

    I'm not really talking about NCNS. I'm talking about the fact they are young and sexy and the appointment they do show up to, the guy leaves disappointed and she still gets his donation. Who cares if he never returns, which is more than likely what she wants, because there are a hundred or more just like him waiting in line. I've been there. I gave her a bad review and she text me and said she didn't care because she would just make another profile. They are only here to make a quick buck at our expense. That's all. They aren't here to make a career of escorting. Just like the scam artist roofers who come piling in after a bad hailstorm. It's all about the quick buck
  18. Kennitay1234

    Because men in general think with the wrong head. They are young, sexy and gorgeous and all the blood rushes to the wrong head. They think, who cares if she has 14 no's, I'm going to be different. Then bitch and moan when it isn't different. Their business model is genius. Whst 40 something, or older, dude doesn't want to have sex with a hot 20 year old? They don't care if you repeat. There's almost an endless supply of 40 something year old horny dudes, most of who don't even know about tob. The best we can do as a community is try our hardest to weed them out, take away another form of advertising for them and let them sneak around on craigslist trying not to get flagged. It's totally disrespectful to the many legitimate ladies who have busted their ass to keep this community going. Sorry for the rant here, but many of these women are also my friend and it really pisses me off when a young lady is a known scam with 14+ no reviews, and dudes are still putting out a 411. End of rant
  19. I'm a confirmed lesbian. Don't believe me, just ask me and I'll tell ya
  20. 411 on SexyMonica2

    Happy camper is like the angie's list of escorting man. if he doesn't know, then nobody's gonna know. Lol.. I guess that's why the dude is a happy camper.
  21. All you can eat seafood

    We live in the most wonderful state there is, unless you want good fresh seafood. I haven't been to Bruce's up in severance for a while, but that's the place for rocky mountain oysters..
  22. 411 eyepretty733 (Ashley)

    Well her first and only review so far is a no. Probably a ncns, but still not a good way to start. Just saying.
  23. 411 on summer gypsy?

    I just wonder how many no's this chick has to get before dudes wise up?? So she's hot and has a nice body, there's plenty of ladies here who are just as hot and have just as nice bodies who also have good reviews. Why not give the ladies who have worked their ass off for those good reviews your time and attention? They've definitely earned the right to have it.
  24. Been extremely busy with the band stuff trying to record an EP and practice and then work picking up for the summer months.. I'm sure everyone will be out playing again soon.. I know I plan on resuming my hedonistic ways very soon
  25. Positions

    Me in top, her on top, side by side, upside down.... Is there really a bad position for sex?? I mean, a few may be uncomfortable, but it's sex for God's sake. Add biting and scratching to the mix and I'm sold