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  1. I'm having a PRE-Screening P411 moment

    I visit the USA; I love it: I don't live here.... and a lot of ASP's use p-411 and I can't because I live out of country. Heck - I even have LETTERS in my zip code! My pre-screening --- Italy, London, Canada... Yeah, I'm not complaining. If I was the southern border I would be here NO PROBLEM but I come from the north - English first language, normal, blonde, and totally self-sufficient - so I don't qualify to live or work here! Just legitimate to spend money! I'm illegitimate for p-411! I just want to get LAI --- uh, Dated. SO... if any of you girls in Denver have a 'workaround' for your p-411... message me. Lets DO this!
  2. I'm having a PRE-Screening P411 moment

    Last I tried it didn?t seem to accept my postal code. No that I?m in a different city I will try again. I LIKE the concept. You seem to be a spokesperson for P411 and if Canadian then you are familiar with CAF Review Forum ? my handle is the same there; and PERB (Pacific Escort Review Board) of which I?m a former moderator. I will give the P411 a second shot. Justina and Nikki, I totally get it. I deserved that laugh on me. btw, am I posting this in the correct area?
  3. Recommend Fort Collins providers

    It depends on what you are looking for. Most of the ASP's I see in Fort Collins are traveling through. You cant go by BP because a lot of Denver girls include Fort Collins in daily ad's but they are NOT here. I personally wont do "incall" unless it is a "long time" MP, so this narrows down my choices. If you are into matures - go with Jazzmyne. Another YOUNGER ASP is Torre in Greeley. She is here a lot of the time but also travels. I've had better but for a quick CBJ she will be good at it. here is Torre's connection:
  4. Cougars/Mature?

    I've had both Jazzmyne and Stacy in the Fort Collins area. Jazz is incredible - just read the reviews. I was one of the first to review her on TOB before I lost my old handle... I've known her about 5 years. Stacy is rather new... originally from New Orleans. I hate to do THIS link - but her BP link is down so go here for info as it seems to be stable... Jazzmyne is amazing. It looks like she is only doing incall now but I've seen her in my room at both Greeley and Fort Collins. I have a couple of ASP's on my wish list for Denver this weekend. Go ahead and add to the recommends. I'm a mature lover too.