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  1. Lyft or Uber

    As a driver for both, keep in mind, 90% drive for both at the same time, so often, the mood or treatment by the driver could simply be a fluke, or a passing moment. Depending on the day, I might do 15 rides, whereas I might start off the day in a great mood, one crummy rider can ruin my day, and unfortunately set the tone for the rest of the riders. As a driver, until recently, I always had a preference towards Lyft, rather than Uber, solely from the standpoint that Lyft's customer service, both to the driver and rider has been much better. However in the last year, that has changed, and often times they are equal. But, I would say that the last 6 rides that I've had issues with, Lyft took care of them much quicker. The going rates vary constantly, both apps can change the price within a few minutes, depending on demand and available drivers. I've sometimes been in areas where there are a dozen Uber drivers and the price will be low, and no Lyft drivers signed in, and the rates will rise, and vice versa.
  2. How to avoid stings?

    Many years back, when I used to frequent street walkers, twice I almost got caught in stings, both times I let the wrong brain do the thinking. I learned to be very vigilant, drive around the area multiple times, watch for both marked and unmarked cop cars. Often times I'd let the girl get picked up by someone else to see if there was an issue, and then see if she returned in the same vehicle, hence how I almost got caught. She got in an SUV and drove off, when she returned to the same street 30 minutes later, she was dropped off in an inconspicuous sedan, that looked too much like a cop car, I followed it, right back to a hotel where they had a sting setup. Now, I definitely agree with the poster above about checking your surroundings, I still do this even with established and known providers, you never know when LEO will get a wild hair and go after a provider.
  3. I think it can vary greatly, while most are of little therapeutic value, they are of a relaxing value depending on the provider. There are some places where the massages are better than others, and some where I've had to call my chiropractor afterwards to schedule a visit. One place in CC had a lady who was a former L.M.T., she knew what she was doing, in fact when I laid down on the table, as she started to massage me, she commented on what she was feeling in my spine, the same things my chiro. would comment on, obviously she had some skills. The massage was top notch, and I left feeling like a new man. My one rule though, no walking on the back.
  4. Returning calls on a blocked number

    Three reasons, 1. I'm head of a home owners assoc. and frequently have to contact residents, while they may know my address, they are not going to be knocking on my door at 9pm. However, a number of years ago, our property manager accidently gave out my old home number to a couple of residents, I did not appreciate phone calls at 9 pm, when I get up at 2 am for work. 2. My primary source of income, I'm a truck driver, 4 of my regular customers I have to call when I'm 30 minutes out so they can have space for me to get into, they all have caller id, they don't need my number 3. Privacy, my number is blocked, unlisted, unpublished, aside from random dialing errors or robo calls, I get very few junk soliciting calls.
  5. Returning calls on a blocked number

    because of things in my real life, I have to have a blocked number on my phone. When I make the initial call, I always unblock it, but I tell them that when I make the second call (when I arrive or if I need extra directions) the number may come up blocked, if they don't want to answer, please call me back. If they ask, I'll explain that I have to have a blocked number for other reasons. It's caused a couple of problems, but not normally.
  6. 99% of the time, I'm scheduling to meet a provider within 45 to 90 minutes at the most, my schedule is too unpredictable to schedule more than 2 days out
  7. Ladies, please open the door :)

    here's another take on this subject, make sure the hotel elevators are not locked out if you don't have a key. Went to visit a provider a few months back, parked on the street, dressed casually, looked like I belonged, 4 star hotel downtown. Elevators were wide open, there was a reason, when I got in and pressed the floor, it required a room key to activate. Called the provider, she said I was wrong, tried it a couple of times, same thing. Finally was able to convince ($20) the concierge that I was there to surprise a friend on his birthday, and there was no way his wife could come down and get me without her husband being suspicious.
  8. Same problem, and if you just walk up, they will turn you away and tell you to call them. I've tried the walk up method twice, the second time I said I've tried calling no one answers, the reply, just keep trying.
  9. on the operating table, hadn't had sex in about 3 weeks, recently had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. I had been in the hospital about 14 hrs at that point, was on mild painkillers. As they were wheeling me from pre-op to the OR, the commented about how nervous I was. The nurse anesthetist told me to think of something pleasant and relaxing. Apparently, it was too pleasant and relaxing, as the next day when he came to check on me, he said the Surgeon was a little upset with me. When I asked why, he asked if I recalled what I was thinking about that was pleasant and relaxing, I said no. He said whatever it was, shortly after they moved me from the bed to the operating table, I sprouted a massive erection that took awhile to go down, and was kind of in the way.
  10. I have a few ATF's, 2 ts, 1 AMP, and 2 escorts, but sadly my ATF escort has gotten out of the business, or relocated, her BP ads are no longer there, and last time I called it said the number was disconnected. For me, she just had this sparkling personality, a playful way, and was willing to overlook a couple of things and at times acted like she cared. Think over the course of 18 mos., I saw her 15 times. The first 7 times were run of the mill normal visits. Then I had back to back visits where I had ZERO cooperation from the little head. No matter what she or I tried, he was not cooperating. I actually left feeling incredibly depressed. After the second time, she texted me the next day to make sure I was ok. Three week later, I booked an apt. with her, this time everything went off like normal. Following week, for some reason I was feeling extra in the mood, I called her, went over, and the normal 30 min. session turned into an extremely hot sweaty 1 hr session, that required us both to shower before I left. I never take anything, but I couldn't get off if I tried, we changed positions so many times before it ended, a porn production would have been impressed. Each session normally ended with hug, after this one, she gave me a hug and kiss, and thanked me for getting her off 3 times. While I saw her several times after that, there were no repeats like that one. I regularly check BP for her ads to see if she comes back in town.
  11. Rockies/Western Slope Providers?

    As someone who used to spend a lot of time, like 3 nights a week in GJ, Montrose, Delta area for work, providers are hard to come by, and are more likely to be no shows, or upsells even when they come to you. Also, depending on the hotel, they will quickly call LE and/or kick you out for having someone they presume an escort come to visit. A couple of the places in Montrose and Delta were very strict about this, had it not been for a standing corporate booking, I would have been kicked out of one place in Montrose. The owner was beyond pissed the first time I called a provider, he let me know the next morning at check out. Few weeks later, I called her again and had her park around back, and I let her in. Another time she wasn't available, but referred me to a different provider, I told her specifically to park around back and call, she parked up front and called from the front door to get my room number. The Manager/Owner saw her walk in, knew she wasn't a registered guest. Since he wasn't sure which room she went to, he couldn't really call the cops. But, he saw on the security camera me walking her out to the back door. Next morning, I was told in no uncertain terms, next time, he would contact the corporate bookings desk and have me blocked from reserving. For a few months, I stayed every Monday in Gunnison, via a local source I found a contact for a couple of escorts that didn't advertise per se, but worked the Gunnison/Crested Butte area. Very pricey, but good service.