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  1. Overflowed with bullshit

    Full Decriminalization of sex work has been a success in New Zealand for the past 15 years, none of what you say is true, as long as its fully Decriminalized the free market takes care of its-self the u.s. just needs to keep big government in check & let sex workers work independently! that will keep brothels under control from becoming to numerous & with to much political power! New Zealand understands this & thats why its the best place in the world to work from my own personal experience.
  2. Overflowed with bullshit

    Me too & not just B/S I have been getting lots of very angry calls & text calling me all kinds of names, men not have any reference & no way for me to screen theme! & many cancel their appointment last min! this has been the worst month for me EVER! 2017 has gotten off to an extremely rough start, & now i keep hearing how a new house bill would censor all adult sites unless you pay a tax & even then you could still be blocked! we need a sex worker APP or as it call it a" pay to date APP" because this shit is going full out war on sex workers! the new war on drugs is the war on sex workers! reefer madness!
  3. I'm going to predict that the next big thing will be pay to date apps, the apps are being marked as "pay to date" & what you do in private is your own damn business! as it should be! the company already has attornies to back them up with the loophole of calling it "pay to date" & the company is also based out of Germany a very far reach for the U.S Nevada mob pimps or the u.s. government to try to shut down as they don't like competition! the "pay to date app has been up & running in NYC for a year now & will be available in L.A. & most big u.s. cities in a few years, full decriminalization should follow as funding for prohibition dries up as more & more people use apps for the safety & convenience.
  4. Backpage executives beat pimping charges

    Imagine how many tax dollars are wasted on this bull shit hurassment! I hope Trump ends the fed! & makes America great for everyone including sex workers with full decriminalization so we can work independently & not have to work in a Nevada brothel for a mob pimp if we want to work legally!
  5. Poll on Legalizing/Decriminalizing sex work 79% say yes

    Very sad that anyone would be labeled a criminal & yes especially a young person, sexuality is a very personal thing that's why the government needs to decriminalize for consenting adults as well, & keep out of our bedrooms!
  6. Poll on Legalizing/Decriminalizing sex work 79% say yes

    They already did decriminalize for minors so it's time they decriminalize for adults, you should go to the link & read the article
  7. Now that pot is legal in california its about time that sex work for adults be decriminalized as well poll shows 79% say yes to sex work that sex workers should not be criminalized the erotic service providers union showed up at the capital with 25,000 signatures from online petition to decriminalize adult sex work, our goal is to meet with gov Brown who has already passed into law the decriminalization of sex work for minors and the decriminalization of adult sex work for adults need to happen now statewide. you can take the poll & read the artical @
  8. If would like to make your voice heard please go to the link & sign the free petition to get Gov Brown to speak with sex workers for equal protection under the law adult sex workers should have the same human rights as anyone else and only with full decriminalization can we have the law on our side.
  9. If you care about sex workers rights & the right for adults to do sex work then you might be interested in the link, it only take 1 second to sign the free petition
  10. Am I jerk if I don't perform DATY?

    It does not offend me, Im very sensitive down there & would much rather rub myself against you lol mabe big clits are just more sensitive.
  11. What do you think life in the u.s. would be like for sex workers & client if sex work was decriminalized? so far in the u.s. we only have rode island as a example, indoor sex work was decriminalized for about 15 years after a lawsuit indoor sex work was taken off the books the research shows that in that time frame stds & rape of all women went down, as women could work independent of pimps & report abusive clients, sex workers could also work in spas & were not required to give up a large sums of money to a pimp how its done in the nevada brothels where pimping is legal & the Nevada brothel pimps do not want sex work to be decriminalized as they would no longer have the monopoly they do now & could not compete with independent sex workers.that's why I think its taking so long to make progress, the good news it that the brothels lost their lobbyists last year & a lot of propaganda money is running out in 2017 so this will be the perfect storm for decriminalization.
  12. Please sing Free petition to decriminalize consensual Adult Sex Work, and don't forget the sex workers rally on the 3rd of march at 1:30 at the colorado state capitol building this is 2016 Not 1620 its way past time to decriminalize what Adult do in private , its not the government business to have laws against our private sex lives for more info on the rally you can google sex workers rally march 3rd its not just denver seattle is also having one, Make it Happen!
  13. Comcast censoring p411?

    I meant feb 29th p411 is working for me now, was not working all day yesterday!
  14. Comcast censoring p411?

    p411 is working for me now mar 29th chromebook/comcast out in east Denver
  15. Mar 3rd on thursday at 200 E colfax the capitol building 1:30 pm please show your support for sex workers rights & help decriminalize consensual adult sex work.