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  1. Newbie question about hotels

    When I go on outcalls to hotels I alway ask my client for the direction to the elevator from the front entrance of the hotel so that I don't get lost in the hotel & if the elevator needs a key then we meet in the lobby or just outside the hotel front entrance, its all about communication & personal connection.
  2. Ladies, you are not alone.

    I have been suffering extreme anxiety loss of appetite & can sleep at night, I wake up from nightmares that i'm being arrested or killed on the street I don't think anyone other than a sw would understand or even care! so I wont bother, I am going over my options but all the uncertainty can make that difficult when you must conceded worst case scenarios.
  3. I'm going to predict that the next big thing will be pay to date apps, the apps are being marked as "pay to date" & what you do in private is your own damn business! as it should be! the company already has attornies to back them up with the loophole of calling it "pay to date" & the company is also based out of Germany a very far reach for the U.S Nevada mob pimps or the u.s. government to try to shut down as they don't like competition! the "pay to date app has been up & running in NYC for a year now & will be available in L.A. & most big u.s. cities in a few years, full decriminalization should follow as funding for prohibition dries up as more & more people use apps for the safety & convenience.
  4. Imagine how many tax dollars are wasted on this bull shit hurassment! I hope Trump ends the fed! & makes America great for everyone including sex workers with full decriminalization so we can work independently & not have to work in a Nevada brothel for a mob pimp if we want to work legally!
  5. Am I jerk if I don't perform DATY?

    It does not offend me, Im very sensitive down there & would much rather rub myself against you lol mabe big clits are just more sensitive.
  6. Comcast censoring p411?

    I meant feb 29th p411 is working for me now, was not working all day yesterday!
  7. Comcast censoring p411?

    p411 is working for me now mar 29th chromebook/comcast out in east Denver
  8. Comcast censoring p411?

    I can't login to p411 all day 28th
  9. Another Small Backpage Win

    I dont know what other countries your referring to But in Australia and new Zealand my favorite place to work btw the going rate is the same as the u.s. & its all decriminalized!
  10. Attacked at the door

    I had a client that wanted something like that, not as dramatic as you make it sound but we barley spoke a few words it was strange but defiantly fun.
  11. Real Name First & Last

    Why are some guys reluctant about giving there real full name? It makes me think your hiding something & it does not make me feel comfortable about meeting with you, I mean would you go on a date with someone you just met & not tell them your full name? I dont see any real difference really!
  12. when a client leaves a vm as part of screening I always wait a few then call back on a blocked number i figure he should know who i am unless hes called 20 other providers, am i crazy? or dose this help at all? does any one else do this? if i could live in new zealand my life would know what true freedom is.