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  1. Peptide 141 first dose experience

    And another thing... Kudos to the retail establishment for making it difficult to buy syringes wirh needles. I had no idea what it was like to actually buy one. I just assumed they were sold at Walgreens and other places without a prescription. Buying the needles was the most difficult step in this process.
  2. Peptide 141 first dose experience

    Hey, The shelf life I’m told is 30 days if refrigeratored. The reason it’s sold as a powder is because it has a shelf life beginning when the water is added. The flushing wasn’t noticible as a feeling as much as i saw it in the mirror. Like I was embarrassed. I really don’t give a shit if some of you don’t trust it. I found a better widget and wanted to share it. To me, this is cialis without the side effects. If an injection scares the shit out of you, keep popping Advil and snorting Aftin. I have a medical background and injecting water into a sealed jar and then preparing a syringe isn’t a big deal to me. The syringe needle is so small you don’t even feel it.
  3. Peptide 141 first dose experience

    Re cost, I meant $35 for the entire setup that will provide me 10 injections for a cost of $3.50 each. I have plenty of water and syringes left over so the next order will be more like $2.5 per shot.
  4. I had read about peptide 141 on a bodybuilding forum and how amazing it was so I decided to take the plunge. I’ve tried most of the drugs so I’ll compare this to them. A peptide is a chain of two amino acids and it’s very similar to a protein. Peptides are cutting edge science and lots of new stuff is coming from their research. Pt141 is a hybrid of a melatonin peptide used for tanning. Besides tanning, they found it increases libido and gave an erection. It comes in a powder in a small jar that you need to add bacterialstatic water to with a syringe. You add 10ml of water to the powder, shake it up and then inject yourself with 1ml. Right off, the whole syringe thing kinda sucks and it’s more work than popping a pill. The first hour, my face went beat red, I began to sweat for about 15 minutes and then the side effects stopped. i knew it would take give or take 4 hours for the effects to kick in. I went to my gfs house and had some failed launch’s. I don’t need EDs to have sex one time. But if i want a honeymoon style event, over and over, I do. I decided it didn’t have an effect on me at all and told her so. She said it was affecting me because I couldn’t keep my hands off her. At hour 7, it kicked in. I started kissing her and when I stirred, i bent her over the kitchen counter and fucked her furiously. We waited 10 minutes and did it again. And then again. And then my legs were shot. I don’t know how many times we did it. I normally drink two glasses of wine and eat portions like a normal person. I drank two bottles, ate an entire steak, and then another and then another. We went to sleep about 2am, with my hard cock inside her and my arms wrapped around her. Of course we had sex again when we work up. Does it work? Omg yes it does. My cock is bright red and raw. Her pussy and throat are worn out. I have a head ache right now (10am) but that could be from the booze. I’ve read this will last a few days. The hardon isn’t like viagra (boing!) but more like cialis (when appropriate). My gf doesn’t need any drugs for her sex drive. She is amazing. Pt141 has the same effects on women as it does on men. I really believe this is the most amazing medical advance of all time. A drug that makes your woman horny. Crazy horny. i didn’t have the headache and stuffy nose side affects similiar to cialis or viagra. Cost wise, I’ve ordered cialis from one of those Indian supply places with good results and pay about $2 per pill. This setup was about $35 for the pt141, water and syringes so it’s a little more but I don’t quibble over small stuff. The injection was subQ so it was painless and easy. That stuff doesn’t intimidate me. Finally, pt141 is legalto buy and doesn’t require a prescription. If anyone has any questions, let me know.
  5. Twas the Hour Before Bangin'

    How many times has this happened? Or just this one time?
  6. I missed the memo. When did this change? I don't see any text in the ads, just a nonworking (most of the time) link to their facebook or instagram account. To my old friends, hello there. Haven't been active in the hobby lately.
  7. KiK it

    I checked his Twitter and he gets out today! I can't say I ever liked him even a little bit but his Sowet page fit a niche and was useful.
  8. Lack of pricing

    I don't find it that simple to find a rate. Those ladies that do have a P411 account usually post it. But those that don't, well I can't find the price unless I ask her. Asking what a person's price is a pain in the ass. You leave a message, maybe get called back, maybe not. Let's say your price point is $300, and she wants $350 or more, it's uncomfortable to say sorry, that $50 just breaks me.
  9. Lack of pricing

    I have been a long time member here for many reasons. One of them being the ability to use the review section to search for ladies. I'm sure there is a legal reason for not having pricing on reviews anymore but I want to state that it really is a big factor in not using TOB anymore. Any chance that will make it's way back?
  10. Good idea - favorites

    Learn something new everyday. Thank you.
  11. Ever see a provider you want to see but can't do it that moment? Why not have favorites here? Further, you could get any updates on her if you wanted.
  12. Hey there, I'm looking for a full service AMP in the SW area, preferably Littleton. Please don't post it here. Please just PM me. I've been out of the loop for a few months and feeling that itch again.
  13. Juarez Mexico

    I havent done Juarez but I have done Tijuana. My advice is go with a wingman. Do rent a room where you can bring a date. Stay inside after 10pm.
  14. Has anyone seen JamieAustralia?
  15. Fuck no. Ok, that's too harsh. She is an old heavy set woman. She looks like nothing like those pictures. They are 20 years old. She might be 65ish. I think I saw her in the 90s and she was an old fat hag then.