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  1. Screening…..

    I can’t be the only lady who takes her safety seriously but I seem to be having the hardest time having potential new friends screen if they do not have a tob….
  2. Screening…..

    @Kaduk can we please close this thread. Thank you.
  3. Screening…..

    Lmao, you paid her 78 times, don’t forget that hun. . And stop using au contraire inappropriately, you 100% make my skin crawl. You’re not a gentleman, you are not respectable, you’re not a man of integrity. you’re showing a photo of somebody who is no longer in the business. You’re sharing the photo of somebody who you said in your words erased herself from the internet completely. You’re sharing this photo with somebody who told you they did not want to see it. You’re sharing a photo that she probably thinks is no longer there an invasion of her her privacy of her real life that she currently has going. shes left the industry and here you are sending out her photos. It’s creepy, it’s inappropriate, especially since I can only imagine that regardless of the 78 times she hasn’t stayed in touch . Now I will just wait for the mods to close this conversation. You will not be getting any more of my time so you’ll be speaking to yourself from now on in the comments. have a night.
  4. Screening…..

    Please believe me when I say I have sent a DM with the request. I don’t even read the huge novels but something about his response make my skin crawl.
  5. Screening…..

    Pretty disturbing that by your admission she has left the life and the internet and here you are sharing a photo. There’s something very odd about you Mr78.
  6. Screening…..

    @Kaduk can we please close this thread. Thank you
  7. Screening…..

    @Kaduk can we please close this thread. Thank you
  8. Screening…..

  9. Screening…..

    I’m such a newbie still….. how do I do that ?
  10. Screening…..

    My stomach turns every time I see him reply. This thread will get no more of my attention…. And I’m the one who started it over screening 😂😂
  11. Screening…..

    I have no problem with reviews somewhere where I can reply . I’ve had more than one account taken down on EM due to reviews claiming certain things that are 100% untrue. I’ve also had the same on TER. If someone doesn’t get what they want, they are more likely to post a bad review. I’ve also had someone try to convince to provide things I did not for a stellar review, I declined reviews are not something a lot of girls allow anymore due to that reason. And like I said before, LE has been known to have accounts with reviews…. So 🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. Screening…..

    I’m not even going to read all of that, but I will tell you this that LE has gone as far as to have fake reviews and accounts as well as fake LinkedIn profiles so yes, they will go through and do a website or do a video they’re not above that as we update our screening, they update the way they handle things and I can promise you I know of more than one person who has been caught up in a sting at a high-end hotel you’re 78 visits does not Trump somebody doing this for a living . I’ve given you enough of my attention. You seem to know everything so this is wasted breath anyways. have the day you deserve.
  13. Screening…..

    Please just stop with the bad advice. I don’t have a personal website and I refuse to have reviews left for me on TR because one person‘s experience with me is not going to be somebody else experience with me. What one person get another person might so I have reviews removed for that reason ! however I am still very high end and drama free . LE have and will continue to have stings in high end hotels lol and I know of plenty high end ladies who have “ management “ no one needs to thank you. Have a day
  14. Screening…..

    Look at you trying to find a way to blame the victim. At least that’s what your questions are coming across as. Have a day.
  15. Screening…..

    Just because you haven’t read it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Most are not reported because we still face issues with reporting. I had my jaw broken and I can assure you, it wasn’t at some dumpy motel.
  16. Screening…..

    I don’t have to meet anyones rules. As a provider we are already sharing multiple forms of information with you, not to mention our IDs are given to the websites and hotels in a check in. Everything you’ve said is a red flag. Very glad to not be on the same page with you . And my business is fine. Do not confuse my comments about issues with screening to my amount of business . Have a day.
  17. Screening…..

  18. Screening…..

    You not wanting to send a selfie is a huge red flag. With references, or ID or LinkedIn I require a selfie. I need to know who to expect when opening my door. Anyone can say those are your references but how do we confirm it’s you and you’ve not shared your references, name etc with someone ( yes, it’s happened ) a lady shares her photos, videos, personal website, location , personal space and herself with you at the very least you can share a selfie . If you’re worried about being outed or blackmailed, you’re either not confident in your provider choices or not doing your fair share of getting your new friend.
  19. Screening…..

    It’s happens more than you would think regardless of where the lady stays unfortunately.
  20. Screening…..

    Oh for sure, but I find so many using ghost lines/trackphones plus too many ladies have mentioned tools we use and potentials are leaving their own favorable reviews now . SMH.
  21. Screening…..

    I can tell you I ask for the same if not a little less than a lot of providers. I be nosey and do my research on down time….. It’s just frustrating that we share our social media, photos, videos and are expected to share our space and some men get offended when their name is asked…. I won’t have a conversation if you can’t even at the very least introduce yourself
  22. Law enforcement

    I’ve actually had someone reach out and let me know they were LE but was off duty. He had some decent reviews but it was still a no for me .
  23. New to TOB

    I’m glad I’m not the only one. In time hopefully it gets easier
  24. New here and just figuring stuff out give me a couple days and I’ll have the swing of things lol. Heyyyyy 😃
  25. New to TOB

    Thank you