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  1. Hello all I am a new member but I have been in the hobby community for almost two decades. In that time I have seen many escorts and a few FBSM providers. I have yet to actually experience an Asian massage place with any extras. I have had massages from Asian people like at mall kiosks or whatever. Those were normal therapeutic massages with no attempt at anything extra though and not what I am referring to in this post. It is a bit of a bucket list thing for me but I would like to figure out best practices for finding a really good one. I suppose I am here to ask for tips on what to look for or what to avoid. There are tons of ads all over Skip for asian massage parlors, with all types of acronyms listed, and most of them are probably scams of some type. There is probably a legit provider in there somewhere though if I knew what to look for. If anybody personally knows of a definitely good place to go, I would love that info in a PM, too, if you want to share it. Thank you and if this is not the place for this post I apologize.