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  1. new to this

  2. new to this

  3. Providers Showing Their Pussy in EB Ads

    So do I-opening the wrapping is what makes it exciting.
  4. Giving Out Personal Information

    I would not provide any personal information-it would be crazy to do so. More power to those who are brave and provide such information. I sent an appointment request via P411 to a well established provider. She said P411 is one method of verification and asked for my first name, last name, employment... etc so she could feel safe. I said, no thank you and never contacted her again.
  5. saving "one" for the wife on Fridays

    Could not agree with you more - if I had a wife who had any interest in that department, i would definitely not be here.
  6. I had an appointment scheduled with a provider yesterday at 4:30 PM. She sent me a confirmation email in the morning which I replied to. I called her at 2:00 and left her a message. I sent her another email-did not get a reply. At 3:20 I sent her another email to let her know that I had not heard from her and that there was not much time left to know if we were going to meet. She sent me an email at 7:30 PM saying that something had come up and she was sorry about what had happened. If she was not a reputable provider, I would have been very upset. Perhaps something important had come up-not an excuse for not letting me know that she could not make it. So, this happens on both sides.
  7. Fake F**king Hobbiest's

    You don't know his relationship with others and to judge it is unfair.
  8. Attrition

    As you said, it is the nature of the business and also depends on the economy and competition. There is no need for a business plan, financing, loan etc. which are typically needed to start a regular business and manage one. Providers can enter the businesses and exit from it as they wish-many retire and return to the business. From what I have seen, except for a few providers, duration of the business is a few years. I miss reading posts from some of the providers who have retired-I wish them all well and hope they are enjoying their private lives.
  9. p411 WTF and response to price increase

    Yes- the same thing happened to me and i was very upset. The credit card company had called our house to report a fraudulent activity and i was not home. As far as the price increase, it is what it is. I might consider another company when I renew. The first issue is far more important and could have created a big problem for me .
  10. Happy Birthday Velvet Valentine

    Happy Birthday.
  11. Whether Wind , Rain or Snow.....

    I am staying in today. Fireplace is on and coffee is brewing. I can postpone hobbying for a few days. More power to those with big cars who are brave to drive in this weather to visit a provider.
  12. Random questions

    I agree when kissing is good it is sooo good. In reply to the op. A nice foreplay is like a good appetizer and typically good sessions include one. Most ladies enjoy kissing-of course if kissing is good it makes a good session a fantastic one. Chemistry has to be there.
  13. Why make it difficult

    Thank you for your replies. As mrvegas63 said in his post a couple of days ago. "In the case of EB, yeah, lots of attractive, willing ladies, if one is willing to give their real name, work number, children's names, submit a DNA sample, plan days in advance... For the most part, EB is a pain in the behind and can understand why guys don't go there (and why it's been years since I've seen an EB provider)"
  14. Why make it difficult

    I don’t understand why all providers don’t include the needed information in their ads. Information such as availability, contact information and preferred method, rates plus the typical advertisement. Instead, the (EB) ads direct the client to their web site for this information. Many established providers do include the necessary information and a link to their web site if someone wants to check the site. Why not make it easier to schedule a visit? Is directing clients to the web site all about traffic to the site?
  15. variable pricing

    So do I. Perhaps it is a marketing strategy for the providers-not very helpful to the clients.