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  1. 411 on melisahot

    So I did end up seeing her. She is real. And attractive and not a fraud. She does not look like the girl in the pictures but they are clearly very edited and filtered and that may be why.
  2. 411 on melisahot

    Thanks for the advice ynglifter69. If I may ask what makes you say that she is most likely legit? I set up an appointment with her for tomorrow so I guess I’ll find out the hard way. Little head may have taken the lead on this one 😂
  3. Melisahot Colorado Companion Anyone have any info on melisahot from Private Delights? There are a bunch of similar profiles in town from Cali right now. They have reviews but I don’t know how trustworthy PD is. I’ve spoken to her. She is responsive. am I being paranoid or am I thinking with my big head?