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  1. Hi I’m new here

    Is there no Chicago board?
  2. Taste of cum

    I do, usually. Like the other poster mentioned, high protein diets do tend to make it taste worse. If anyone is interested, bromelain, the enzyme in pineapple, is said to make it taste better. It’s sold in supplement form and is also excellent for inflammation.
  3. I’m not sure where I will get a room yet. Depends what Groupon has for me. I stayed on the strip last time. If anyone has last minute suggestions regarding area, I’d sure appreciate it.
  4. Mon chalet and pts

    I went last night. Was way fun. I have the thickest skin and have no trouble being the center of attention lol. Hope to go back another night before I leave town, maybe Thurs idk. Thanks. Any thoughts re: pts?
  5. Mon chalet and pts

    Someone suggested it to me. Has anyone been? Is it fun? Tips? Busiest times for sun-Fri evenings? Also heard PTs is the best strip club. Yes?
  6. Hi I’m new here

    It’s also possible I’m not looking in the right places. I have many extreme talents I am so very thankful for. Tech stuff is not included in those gifts lol
  7. Hi I’m new here

    Thanks! It seems a fairly inactive board or have I just not figured it out yet? Lol
  8. Trying to figure it all out. I’m based in St.Louis, Missouri and regularly tour Chicago and Atlanta. Heading to Denver in February and plan to do an east coast tour this spring. Nice to meet you, thanks for having me!
  9. Atlanta

    Hi, thanks for reading! The Love Goddess of Saint Louis will be in Atlanta. I always have a great time here. Looking at the the buckhead area. Thanks!
  10. Block only fans listings

    Mine is 13 lol
  11. I would love to wake up any St. Louis, Mo members on this board! Maybe we can arrange a fun meet and greet or something!