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  1. House sitting, outcalls

    I Totally Agree!!! I would not put a friend or client's personal home in that kind of exposure.
  2. "I have no stomash"?

    Very Good, Mister.
  3. Happy Birthday BigBaldBlk!!!

    I hope you have a very enjoyable Birthday, B-
  4. Kingsman expressed it best in their '60's hit song.
  5. Outcall or Incall?

    Incall gets my business.
  6. A resent panties thread provoked me - I Guess. I've never thought about placing a camera in a ladies room - NOT A TURN ON! I've never thought about wearing ladies garments - NOT A TURN ON! <snip> I've never wanted to see two queers hug, kiss or masturbate HUGE TURN OFF I Still like the Ole Fashioned One On One - Boy - Girl Activity!!! Am I In The Wrong Forum???
  7. That's SICK!!! Glad You Didn't Try That On Me!! Thank You.
  8. NoBody I Know!! But I'll Start another thread for that tempted hijack!!!
  9. Trades for a ladies time included - Tank Full of Gasoline, Vehicle Repairs, Vehicle Towing, Woodwork Plaques & Laying Tile Flooring.
  10. BP pussy

    Yes Gentlemen, I totally agree with your responses, as well.
  11. What brightens your day?

    A Nice Stroll Along The Shoreline Is Pure Bliss I Also Enjoy Stealing A Deep Sensual Kiss I Enjoy Casual Mornings Around The House & I Really Like Reaching My Hand Inside Her Blouse. I Like To Kick Back In The Recliner As The Day Is Done but A BBBJTC Is A Feeling Like No Other One I Like The Excitement Of Asking A Beautiful New Lady Out On A Date and Foreplay Feels Great - But The Actual Penetration Is Top Rate.
  12. How Kinky Are You?

    Not what I would have expected. "You like it rough, stimulating & different" Interesting results from my answers.
  13. New ASP's without reveiws

    Very Good 'Mon!! Thanks for taking the time to write.
  14. Three Strikes, I'm out!

    You're Exactly Correct, IMHO!!