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  1. Back page Asian 411

    Kind of what i was hoping as west slope sucks for fun. Trying ease my mind a bought five oh involvement
  2. Asian Amy 541-500-0670 Colorado Escort Any one ever see her? I assume its agency because the number crosses with other girls. Could only find 2 reviews on EM. Both different states and fairly different reviews. Text backs seem automated which is wierd. After a few text they seem more like real person but always a bit pushy. Has anyone seen her or the girls from here?. Is it at least legit? Just different excperiances? Were limited here on the Western slope so any help appreciated. http://westslope.backpage.com/WomenSeekMen/541-500-0670/50582507 I posted phone number if the link didn't work
  3. How is this board doing

    Hello beautiful.