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  1. The FBSM List v3.0

    list please. thanks.
  2. 411 on Vikki

    Yeah, I had her a while back. Forgot to post review and now it's behond the timeframe. She is not the girl in pic. She is skinnier and without the curves. She is definitely 3G, clock watched. In fact, she only allowed doggy cuz she didn't want to mess up her hair. I couldn't even finish cuz it she just turned me off. Stay clear.
  3. 411 on Lucy Lewis for a Newbie

    I used tineye on a few photos and got nothing. I didn't try all the photos. Thanks.
  4. Hello All, I'm a newbie to TOB but a long time hobbyist. Would love some info on Lucy Lewis. I did the usual image search and review search a while back and nothing to go on. TIA! http://denver.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/check-me-out-super-sexy-busty-blonde-you-wont-be-disappointed/17958835
  5. 411 Marissa

    Those are fake pics. She is actually AA. I asked her repeatedly if she was the one in the pic or at least close to the one in the pic. She assured me she was. I told her I would leave if she wasn't the one in the pic or close to the one in the pic. Well, when I got to the incall, it wasn't her so I politely left. She wasn't bad but I was in the mood for a hot Latina.
  6. Having problem posting reviews

    Yep, I posted my first review yesterday and have not seen the review posted yet. I did receive the confirmation email and I clicked on link to confirm. That's the last email I received.