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  1. 411 on Chanel

    Thanks alot for the help Gr8owl...too bad~ i generally dont like em THAT small but something about her!! thanks again
  2. 411 on Chanel

    Has anyone else at all wondered about this one? Or just me?
  3. New _to_ TOB, Advice if any

    Welcome...have fun and be safe!!
  4. http://denver.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/er0tic-enc0unters-vip-playmate/16995562 Curious about Chanel...googled the # and plenty of pics and local ads but as long as i have seen here advertising cant figure out y not 1 review? Any help?
  5. 411 on Bambii

    Any help with this one? Did search and only found other ads...which correct is good right? Thanks http://denver.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/new-welcome-bambii-back-to-denveravailable-and-taking-appointments-nowspecials/16687433
  6. 411 on nikki

    Not sure of the legitimacy of this chick BUT her body is BANGIN!!
  7. Sweetest MOUTH - MJ

    http://denver.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/better-then-a-therapist-text-only-303-396-2708-incall-26/16325331 I believe this is the other MJ youre talking about...very very paranoid. .I have only experienced text messages and a couple of actual phone convos w this one
  8. Introduction ( :

    She is TRULY real!! welcome Hannah
  9. Latina Stacy New To ToB

  10. Help w adding pics to my albums

    Im w you on that XES9696!!
  11. This is not a 411!! im notorious for them I know...

    Thanks for the heads up AuroraMike....after that info I might have to pass this go round:) was going to do a quick getaway on the bike...thanks again for that
  12. Thinking about taking a trip to SLC....please tell me u can party out there/bars...if uve been there can u give me a heads up...2-3 day trip..thanks!!
  13. Upscale Korean Midget

    I saw her her last visit...curiosity got the best of me:) PM me
  14. 411 on Flowerbomb Bella?

    I 411'd this one also and got no response....nice pics tho!!
  15. 411...we have a CANDY in town

    True true:)