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  1. Nikki Lovely Colorado Companion I’ve seen her post on Tryst for a while, have had a few text conversations but haven’t had the timing work out. Has anyone here seen her?
  2. 411 on Tiffany Bella Tryst

    She has been asked about before.
  3. 411 on Tiffany Bella

    She is real and person in photos. Not a great experience, I absolutely won’t repeat.
  4. Hello all, still new to this world. Scheduled to meet a new provider and she has requested to meet at a coffee shop a few minutes from her incall. Any thoughts or red flags I should be on the lookout for? I haven't had this request before. Thanks.
  5. Dr Heidi W on Tryst

    Thanks for that! The rate or deposit don’t bother me if she is the woman in the pictures. She has asked to meet at a coffee shop since we haven’t met. I’m not very experienced in this world but that’s new.
  6. Dr Heidi W on Tryst

    It appears she is new to this, anyone know the requirements or process to get an ad posted on Tryst or Slixa? Thanks for the help.
  7. Heidi W Colorado Companion Hello, does anyone have 411 on this provider? She has a post on Tryst Slixa and her own website. Can’t find any reviews of her for verification.
  8. Here is the short version: I'm relatively new to the hobby, first visit was in August. I have seen providers from TOB, PD, Eros and Twitter. Until a few weeks ago, I had no issues setting up an appointment using screening docs or references. Now, I seem to have been placed on some mysterious black list as I can't get providers to book me. What do I do? Longer version: I booked an appointment with a provider (I'll call her #2) that represented herself as someone who posts here (I'll call her #1), as well as on Eros and Tryst. #1 is a traveling provider and is in Denver every four to six weeks or so. The phone number I texted for #2 was not the number listed on #1's profile here, and while I thought that was odd, I didn't give it much thought. I requested #2 confirm she was the person using the handle of #1 here on TOB and she said, yes, that's me. She also sent me pictures of herself that with a google search landed me at the personal webpage for #1. At this point, I was satisfied that I had properly booked an appointment with #1 and was looking forward to it. Upon arriving at the incall, it was clear I had booked with someone other than #1. After the session, I contacted #1 by text on her number listed on TOB. I explained that someone was representing herself as #1 and thought she should know. I sent her the information #2 sent me, we exchanged several text messages where she told me that #2 was not her, no crap! I had a scheduling change the following day and a window opened up that I could schedule with #1. I asked if she was available, shared my references from TOB then she went dark. She had been texting with iMessage, the messages were only being sent as texts and she stopped responding. I was ready to move on and learn from the debacle, but now it seems to have become a much larger issue for me. What should I do? Does this mysterious blacklist exist or am I have I just been coincidently unlucky over the last two weeks? If it does exist, how do I remedy the issue? Thanks!
  9. How to avoid the "Plus Tips" scam

    Yeah, Vegas girls found on Eros are definitely the common denominator in the encounters I’ve had where this was an issue. That said, I’ve had some other encounters with providers from that site that were simply amazing.
  10. Questions Colorado Companion Still finding my way through this hobby. I've had some mind blowing encounters and a few that were simply bullshit. I'm specifically talking about encounters when I ask what the donation is for an hour and am told it's $500. I then arrive at the incall, we get started after I have paid the $500 only to be informed that only covers the entrance fee, that its going to be more. How do you avoid this? I specifically ask in the conversation prior to arrival if the donation is all inclusive, request a confirmation that there will be no up charging, or does that cover multiple dances as I don't want to get shut down for explicit questions. Are there other code questions I should be asking? Anyone have this happen and if so, what did you do? I've gone both ways, depending on the additional consideration, the provider and my mood. However, even when having a good time after paying the up charge, I leave a little bitter that I paid more than expected. Thoughts?
  11. 411 on Lacey Danielle

    I took the chance and saw her. Outcall only, exactly the woman online. Great experience, but not in everyone’s price range.
  12. Still relatively new to the hobby, but I’m curious why each provider I have seen had me wait 5-10 minutes from when I arrived at the incall on time. What is she doing? Safety check? Primping? Something else? I’m meticulous about being on time and just curious. Second question, if a one hour session is booked for noon, but with the waiting game above lasts 10 minutes, is the session over at 1:10 or 1:00? I’ve made sure to never overstay, just wondering what’s customary. Thanks for the help.
  13. Lacey Danielle 321-376-4528 Colorado Companion Has anyone seen her? Legit?